How Much Does a Whole Cruise Ship Cost?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships are becoming increasingly popular for vacationers and those looking for a unique experience. But how much does a whole cruise ship cost?

The cost of a cruise ship depends on its size, features, and construction. Smaller vessels can cost as little as $30 million while larger ships can reach prices of up to $1 billion. Cruise lines typically finance the purchase of these vessels through loans and other forms of financing.

The cost of the vessel itself is only part of the overall price tag. Cruise ships also require significant investments in staff, supplies, and infrastructure to keep them running smoothly.

The average crew size is around 1,000 people, and they must be paid salaries and benefits. Additionally, ships need fuel, food, cleaning supplies, insurance, repairs and maintenance to stay operational.

Cruise ships also offer unique amenities that come at an extra cost. Many have spas and beauty salons onboard as well as shopping centers or casinos for entertainment. These luxuries can add hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to the total price tag for a cruise ship.


In conclusion, the cost of a whole cruise ship varies greatly depending on its size and features but can range from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars when all costs are taken into consideration. The investment in such a vessel is significant but often worth it for those looking to provide an unforgettable experience at sea.