How Much Does an Average Cruise Ship Trip Cost?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ship trips are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and enjoyable way to travel. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation, a cruise can offer something for everyone.

But how much does an average cruise ship trip cost? The answer is not as simple as it seems.

The cost of a cruise varies depending on the cruise line, length of the trip, destination, and other factors. Generally speaking, most cruises range from around $400 per person for a short three-day Caribbean voyage to upwards of $2,000 per person for an extended two-week Mediterranean trip. Prices may also vary based on discounts offered at the time of booking or special promotions.

In addition to the base fare, travelers can expect to pay additional fees for things like meals and drinks onboard the ship. Some ships also charge extra for activities like spa treatments or shore excursions. Prices may vary based on whether or not you’re booking through the cruise line directly or through a third-party travel agent.

What’s Included in the Price?

In most cases, your cruise fare will include accommodations aboard the ship, all meals onboard (including buffets and specialty restaurants), basic entertainment (movies, shows), and access to recreational facilities such as pools and gyms. Some cruises may also include transportation to/from ports of call in certain destinations.

Tips & Suggestions:

When booking your cruise vacation, it’s important to read all the fine print carefully before you purchase your tickets. Be sure to ask questions about any additional fees that may be involved so you can plan accordingly. You should also look into any special offers that may be available at the time of booking.


The cost of an average cruise ship trip can vary significantly depending on factors such as length of trip, destination and amenities included in the price. Generally speaking most cruises range from around $400 – $2,000 per person plus additional fees for things like meals and activities onboard. It’s important to read all fine print carefully before booking so you know exactly what you’re getting into and can plan accordingly.