How Much Does It Cost to Live on the World Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Living on a world cruise ship is a dream for many people, but what does it cost? It can be quite pricey, depending on the cruise line and the length of the voyage.

However, there are some options for those who don’t have an unlimited budget.

The first step to determining the cost of living on a world cruise is to determine what type of cruise you’re interested in taking. Some cruises only take passengers around the world in one go, while others stop at different ports along the way.

Depending on the type of cruise chosen, prices can range from several thousand dollars to well over $100,000 per person.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal world cruise, it’s time to look into the cost of living while onboard. Most cruises include meals and activities as part of their package deals, so these costs are typically included in the price of admission.

However, there may be additional costs for alcohol or special activities like spa treatments or excursions ashore. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, these additional costs can significantly increase your total expenses.

In addition to meals and activities, other expenses such as laundry services or internet access may need to be factored into your budget. These types of services will vary by cruise line and may not always be included in the base cost of admission. If you plan to bring any souvenirs home from port stops along your journey, these will also need to be taken into account.


Living on a world cruise ship can be an expensive proposition depending on the type of voyage chosen and amenities desired. Before embarking on such an adventure, it is important to carefully consider all associated costs including meals, activities, internet access and souvenirs so that you don’t find yourself over budget at the end of your voyage!