How Much Does It Really Cost to Travel the World Budget RTW Trip Guide?

By Alice Nichols

Travelling the world has become easier than ever, but it’s still important to understand the costs involved with a round-the-world (RTW) trip. The price of a budget RTW trip will vary greatly depending on the length of your journey, where you plan to visit, and how you choose to travel.

Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when travelling around the world. Hotel and hostel prices can add up quickly, so budget travellers should look for alternative accommodation options such as couchsurfing or house-sitting. Many cities also have Airbnb listings that are cheaper than hotels, offering a comfortable place to stay without breaking the bank.

Transportation is another major expense on a round-the-world trip. Airfare can be expensive if you’re flying between multiple continents, but there are ways to save money on flights such as using flight aggregators like Skyscanner or using frequent flyer programs. Long-distance bus and train rides are also an option for budget travellers who don’t mind spending more time on the road.

Food is another consideration when planning a budget RTW trip. Eating out at restaurants can be costly, so look for ways to save money such as eating street food or cooking your own meals at home. If you’re staying in hostels or Airbnbs, many of them provide basic kitchen amenities so you can prepare your own meals instead of eating out every day.

Activities are also an important factor in planning any RTW trip, and they can add up quickly if you’re not careful with your spending habits. There are plenty of free activities around the world that don’t cost anything from visiting museums and galleries to exploring nature trails and parks. You can also find discounts on attractions in many destinations by purchasing tourist passes or looking for coupons online.

Conclusion: Planning a RTW trip on a budget is possible if you’re willing to do some research and find deals that fit your needs. Accommodation, transportation, food and activities all play an important role in determining how much it will cost to travel around the world – so make sure to factor these costs into your overall budget before setting off on your journey!