How Much Food Do I Need for a 3 Day Backpacking Trip?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking trips are an exciting way to explore the outdoors and get away from civilization for a few days. The key to any successful outdoor excursion is proper planning and preparation, and that includes bringing the right amount of food.

So, how much food do you need for a 3 day backpacking trip?

When deciding how much food to bring on your 3 day backpacking trip, there are several factors to consider. First, think about the type of activity you’ll be doing during your trip – will it be strenuous or leisurely?

If you’ll be hiking for long distances or engaging in other active activities, you’ll need more calories than if you plan on spending most of your time relaxing at camp. Secondly, consider whether or not you’ll have access to a reliable source of water – if not, then you should bring more food than if there was an abundance of water available.

In general, it’s best to bring enough food for three hearty meals a day plus snacks. For each meal, plan on bringing 1-2 cups of dried food such as oatmeal or rice with some added protein like nuts or dried beans.

For snacks, think about bringing some energy bars, trail mix, jerky or other lightweight items that will give you an extra boost throughout the day. Additionally, it’s important to pack electrolytes such as Gatorade powder or sports drinks so that your body can replace lost minerals from sweating.

In conclusion, when planning your 3-day backpacking trip make sure to factor in the type of activity you’ll be doing and whether or not there will be a reliable source of water available. Plan on bringing enough food for three hearty meals plus snacks throughout the day and don’t forget electrolytes! With proper planning and preparation you can have a successful and enjoyable backpacking experience.