How Much Fuel Does It Take to Fill Up a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships are some of the largest vessels in the world, and they require a lot of fuel to keep them moving. But just how much fuel does it take to fill up a cruise ship? The answer is: It depends.

The type of fuel used by a cruise ship can vary depending on what kind of engine it has. For example, some cruise ships may use diesel fuel for their engines, while others may use heavy oil. The size of the ship and its engine type will also affect how much fuel is needed to fill it up.

In general, cruise ships are designed to be very efficient with their fuel usage. That means that they typically only need to refuel every few weeks or months when they are out at sea. However, if the ship is running at full capacity or going on longer voyages, then it may need to refuel more often.

When a cruise ship does need to refuel, it usually does so at a port that can supply the necessary fuel types and amounts needed for the vessel. Depending on where the ship is located and the type of fuel being used, the cost per liter or gallon can vary widely. Some ports may even have special discounts for larger vessels like cruise ships that make frequent visits.

How Much Fuel Does It Take To Fill Up A Cruise Ship?

The amount of fuel needed to fill up a cruise ship will depend on its size and type of engine, as well as what kind of fuel it uses and where it refuels. On average, most ships will only need to refuel every few weeks or months when they are out at sea, but large vessels with lots of passengers may need more frequent refuels.


Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes and require different types and amounts of fuel depending on their size and engine type. In general though, most ships only need to refuel every few weeks or months when they are at sea. Refueling costs can also vary depending on where the vessel is located and what kind of fuel is being used.