How Much Should I Budget to Travel Around Australia?

By Robert Palmer

Australia has something for everyone, whether you’re a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or a foodie. With its diverse landscapes and cultures, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this magical country. But the question remains: how much should you budget if you want to travel around Australia?

The cost of travel in Australia will vary depending on your travel style, length of stay, and how many places you plan to visit. Generally speaking, budgeting around $150-200 AUD per day should cover most of your expenses. Of course this amount can vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose and other activities you decide to take part in.

Accommodation is one of the most significant costs when travelling around Australia. Many cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options ranging from hostels to Airbnb apartments. Hostels typically cost around $20-40 AUD per night while private rooms in Airbnbs can range from $50-100 AUD per night depending on the location.

When it comes to transportation, the cost will depend on which parts of Australia you plan to visit and how often you plan on moving between locations. Domestic flights are relatively inexpensive within Australia and can cost anywhere between $50-300 AUD depending on the route and time of year. If you’re planning to drive while travelling around Australia, then hiring a car may be a more economical option with prices starting at $20-30 AUD per day.

Food: Eating out in Australia is generally quite expensive with meals at restaurants costing anywhere between $15-50 AUD per person. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives then Supermarkets are great options for stocking up on snacks and groceries.

Activities: Participating in activities such as kayaking or snorkelling can also add additional expenses onto your budget. These activities usually range from $20-100 AUD for each person depending on what type of activity it is.

Conclusion: All in all, if you’re looking to travel around Australia then budgeting around $150-200 AUD per day should give you enough money for accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities. Of course this price can vary depending on where exactly you want to go and what type of experiences you’re looking for.

How Much Should I Budget To Travel Around Australia?

Australia is an amazing country with much to offer any traveller; however it’s important to plan accordingly when it comes to budgeting your trip. Depending on your chosen style of travel and length of stay – as well as which areas of the country that are most important for your visit – budgeting around $150-200 AUD per day should be enough money for accommodation, transportation, meals and activities.