How Much Should You Budget for Travel?

By Anna Duncan

Traveling on a budget can be both fun and fulfilling. While it can take some extra effort to plan a trip that fits your budget, it is possible to enjoy a great vacation without breaking the bank. Whether you are planning a staycation or an overseas adventure, here are some tips for how much to budget for travel.

1. Calculate Your Fixed Costs

Before you even begin planning your trip, you need to determine how much you are able to spend.

Start by calculating your fixed costs such as airfare, lodging, transportation, and any other mandatory expenses. You should also factor in any taxes and fees associated with your trip. Once you have determined these costs, you will have a better idea of how much money you have left over for entertainment and other activities while on vacation.

2. Decide How Much You Want To Spend On Experiences

The next step is to decide how much of your budget should go towards experiences such as dining out, shopping, sightseeing, or going on excursions.

This number will depend on what type of experiences you prefer and how much time you will have available during your trip. It might be helpful to set aside a portion of your budget specifically for experiences or activities.

3. Set Aside Money For Emergencies

No matter how well-planned a trip may be, unexpected circumstances can arise that require additional funds. Setting aside some money for emergencies gives you peace of mind and ensures that if something unexpected does happen during your travels, you will be prepared financially.

4. Track Your Spending

Once you know how much money is available in your travel budget and where it will go towards, it is important to track where and how the money is being spent throughout the duration of the trip. Keep all receipts from purchases so that when it comes time to tally up all expenses at the end of the travel period, nothing gets overlooked.


Planning ahead is key when creating an effective travel budget. Knowing exactly what expenses need to be covered and setting aside money for emergencies can help ensure that no surprises pop up during the course of your trip. By doing research ahead of time and tracking all expenditures throughout the duration of the journey, travelers can enjoy their adventures without having to worry about going over budget.