How Much Would It Cost to Have a Destination Wedding?

By Michael Ferguson

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially as couples look for unique and memorable locations to tie the knot. However, while they may promise an unforgettable experience, they can come with a hefty price tag. Planning a destination wedding requires diligent budgeting and research to ensure that you don’t end up breaking the bank for your big day.

A variety of factors influence the cost of a destination wedding, including the location, number of guests, duration of stay, and type of ceremony. The venue itself is often one of the most expensive components – many luxury resort hotels offer wedding packages at a fixed price per person to cover accommodation and catering costs.

For couples who want a more intimate gathering with their closest friends and family, some all-inclusive resorts offer smaller packages that include a chapel or other ceremony space as well as meals and drinks for guests. For larger groups, renting out an entire beach or garden can be more economical.

In addition to venue fees, there are other costs associated with planning a destination wedding that should be taken into consideration. Travel expenses for guests can add up quickly if you’re hosting an event in another country or even another state. Then there are decorations like flowers, centerpieces and table settings; entertainment like music; photography; hair and makeup services; and attire for the bride and groom.


Destination weddings can be costly but worth it when done right. The cost of your wedding will depend on factors like location, number of guests, duration of stay, type of ceremony and more. It is important to do research ahead of time to estimate costs accurately so you don’t blow your budget on your special day.