How Old Is the Carnival Cruise Ship Freedom?

By Robert Palmer

The Carnival Cruise Ship Freedom is one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world. It is part of the Carnival Cruise Line, a fleet of fourteen vessels that sail around the world visiting hundreds of ports. The Freedom has been in service since 2006 and has been home to thousands of happy passengers.

The Freedom was built in Finland by the Kvaerner Masa Yards shipyard and is 952 feet long, making it one of the largest cruise ships in existence. Its gross tonnage is 110,000 tons and it can hold up to 3,700 passengers and 1,300 crew members. It also has 15 decks, 12 restaurants, 22 lounges and bars, three swimming pools, a nine-hole miniature golf course, a spa, a casino and much more.

The Freedom was designed with an array of modern amenities as well as plenty of activities to keep passengers entertained during their journey. Its interior design features bright colors and contemporary furnishings throughout the ship. The cabins are spacious with private balconies perfect for taking in views of the ocean or any port stops along its many routes.

In addition to its on-board amenities, the Freedom also offers many shore excursions for passengers to explore each port they visit. From historical sites to sightseeing tours and water sports activities there is something for everyone onboard this grand vessel.

With its impressive size and numerous amenities aboard, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to take a cruise on board the Carnival Cruise Ship Freedom each year. The ship has been providing unforgettable experiences since 2006 and looks forward to many more years full of adventure ahead.


The Carnival Cruise Ship Freedom is one of the largest cruise ships in existence with over 110,000 tons gross tonnage and 15 decks that can accommodate 3,700 passengers with 1,300 crew members. It was constructed in Finland by Kvaerner Masa Yards shipyard in 2006 so it is currently 14 years old as of 2020.