How to Choose A Camera?

How to choose a camera? I find deciding which Camera to buy confusing and difficult! So I decided to share my recent experience with you, just in case it might help.

I have 3 Cameras which I use for all of my blogging trips and Social Media. My trusty old Canon DSLR is easy to use and not too outrageously expensive in Camera terms. WHY are decent cameras so expensive? I have no idea! There seems tobe a massive jump from ‘Beginner’ DSLR to ‘Professional” with not a lot in between. So first up:

PHOTO: Wildlife Photography with my Canon EOS Camera

Canon EOS 250d

I have the older version of this Camera, a Canon EOS 100d. The new version is almost exactly the same but with the addition of WIFI and updated Screen instructions. Do I recommend this Camera? Yes, definitely. A good Beginner DSLR. It is easy to use and the photographs are good. The video is a good quality too but does not have integrated stabilisation, you need to use a Tripod. A good choice for a Beginner DSLR Camera.


To summarise: This camera has been all around the world with me, is sturdy, well made, light to carry and has a choice of lenses including a good zoom lense EFS 18 – 55 mm. This is my favourite lense for sharp Portraits with a blurry background and good Wildlife shots too.

Many photographers I consult for advice emphasis the importance of Camera lenses. Be aware that if you choose a Canon EOS 250d then the lenses will not fit a more Professional Canon camera if you decide to upgrade in the future. Some of the lenses can be fitted with an adaptor.

Upgrading to a Professional DSLR

My photographic skills are limited to say the least, but definitely improving all the time. I’m sure it is the same for everyone who is not a Professional photographer. I just want a decent Camera for my Website and Social Media photographs.

Finally decided to shop around for a more Professional quality DSLR. I really want the convenience of a WIFI camera. Also, sharper and better quality Food shots. The jump in price from a ‘Beginner’ DSLR to a more ‘Professional’ camera is HUGE! Is it worth the money? Or, is it a bit like buying a Champion racehorse when you do not know how to ride? After consulting with many different photographers, I concluded that my photography skills do not merit a £2,500 camera just yet!

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III

A good Compact Camera was my choice in the end. This will be better value for money as I can expand my Video and Youtube library. A perfect Vlogger/blogger Camera hopefully.

PHOTO: Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III

I want a Camera that will do the following:

  1. Good WIFI to send the images directly to my IPhone. Ability to edit the photos from the Camera.
  2. Bluetooth connection to my phone so that I can take good photos of myself via the Iphone.
  3. Good 4K Video.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Loads of features on the Camera for good Food shots, Night shoots, Selfies and Social Media related work.

A compact Camera will be so useful for Press events. No more lugging around my trusty Canon EOS and a variety of lenses. The decision was made to buy a Vlogger Compact Camera! My research and chats with Vloggers and Influencers led to me a choice of two.

  1. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-RX100 VII
  2. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III

I bought the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III in the end. My decision came down to the fact that it is a lot cheaper than the Sony, I am already familiar with Canon Cameras. Reviews suggest that there is very little difference between the two except the Sony is more reactive and focuses much more quickly.

The Canon is slow to focus, but that is my only complaint so far. I love the photo quality and cannot wait to start Vlogging soon! It is easy to use, easy to read the screen and I am happy. A few months later ….. I do regret buying this Camera. The Vlogging aspect is fine. However, the photo’s are simply not good enough quality. My Iphone produces better quality pics!

Go Pro Hero 6


The perfect action and underwater camera. The stabilisation on the Hero 6 is excellent. I use this for all my action shots and underwater video and still shots. This is super easy to use, produces great quality videos and photos.

PHOTO: GoPro Hero 6 Underwater shot

My only complaint is that it is small and fiddly to use …. but I guess that it has to be small. Super easy to send video to my iPhone and recommended for Bloggers, Sports lovers and Social Media influencers.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

I use all Apple products! Macbook Pro that comes around the world and is a few years old now. Now that is a BIG investment that really is worth every penny for any wannabe blogger out there. Could not live without it! My iPhone 12 Pro Max is the last in a long line of iPhones and is due to be upgraded soon.

The iPhone Camera is used on an almost daily basis for my Instagram stories on the go! I like slo mo and Portrait mode. I cannot imagine ever changing to another brand of mobile phone!

So, there you have my entire collection of Cameras. I might buy a more expensive DSLR one of these days, but perfectly happy with my little collection right now!

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