How to Look fabulous over Forty

How to look fabulous over forty and beyond. Stay fit, active with tons of energy for a lifetime. I am often asked how I manage to explore the world, not suffer from jet lag and stay fit and healthy. AND my fortieth was a long time ago, but don’t tell any one!

Here are my tips and it really isn’t rocket science!

F-O-R-T-Y and beyond

F = Fit

How to stay fit and healthy as we age. Exercise is obviously super important, but I have changed my fitness routine over time. I do not ride 6 horses and day anymore. However I do practice:

Yoga – I like Ashtanga Yoga. My fold up Yoga mat comes around the world. I try and fit in an Ashtanga Series 1 practice at least 3 times a week, or even 10 minutes of sun salutations will make a big difference. Ashtanga is fast moving and I never get bored. Try it! Good for posture, muscle strength, elongating the spine, breathing, relaxation and staying supple. Follow with 10 minutes of meditation.

PHOTO: Spa Day for Fitness

Running – Running is FREE, you just need a pair of running shoes. However, I have a Nordic Track running machine at home and it is worth every penny. I do fast uphill sprints at least 3 times a week on my machine. Sprinting puts less pressure on ageing joints and avoids ‘runner face’. Make sure you check your pulse and keep it within a safe limit for your age. Get out there and run.

Weights – I lift weights 3 times a week too. I have a home gym and this helps with motivation. First thing I do every day is exercise. Weights help maintain muscle tone as we age (men and women lose muscle as time goes on). Strong muscle helps support joints and keep bone density. 16 kilo Kettle Bell swings, 5 sets of 20 reps, pull up straps (secret of a firm chest), 6 kilo hand weights for arms. a ball for balance push ups. And you are good to go.

Walking – Never underestimate a good old fashioned walk. I walk every day with my dogs, at least a mile. Good for mental health and staying fit.

PHOTO: Fresh Air and Country Walks

These are my four staples. Absolutely never miss doing these exercises but I also swim, ride, waterski and so on whenever possible.

O = Organic Food

Eat a healthy diet. “You are what you eat”. I am a lifelong vegetarian/pescetarian. However, if you do eat meat cut down on the amounts and try and eat good quality Organic meat sources. How about trying to have 3 days a week meat free and see how you go? A good, clean diet will give you health and boundless energy.

Also, eat organic fruit, vegetables, grain and pulses whenever possible. We grow our own organic fruit and vegetables, keep free range hens and only eat home made food. My Mum is actually my inspiration, she still looks slim, eats well and hikes regularly. We don’t like fast food, fizzy drinks and ready meals. Eat clean and stay young and healthy in mind and body.

My supplements are fish oil, Magnesium, multi vitamin and probiotic. Vitamin C and Zinc on long flights.

Drink lots of water. Camomile tea before bed. Although …. a glass of organic wine is good for the soul!

PHOTO: A good quality organic wine

Here are some of my favourite smoothies and soups for you. Take only minutes to prepare and your eyes will shine and skin glow after eating them.

Beetroot Smoothie – Liquidise 3 organic cooked beetroot with a cup of water or 2 juiced apples.

Carrot, Ginger and Apple juice – Juice 4 carrots, 2cm slab of Ginger and 2 apples.

Courgette Soup – Brown 6 Courgettes in a pan with 6 Garlic cloves, add 2 cups of water, simmer until softened and then liquidise. Serve with Rye bread.

Olive Oil Cleanse – After a long trip I take 1 cup of squeezed Orange juice with one third of a cup of olive oil and take this for 3 consecutive days. Cleanses the system. Keep your gut clean and healthy with a daily probiotic and live natural Yoghurt.

Eat treats obviously, but only now and then not as a regular part of your diet. Try and avoid sugar as much as possible.

It is harder to keep a good body weight as we get on a bit. When I pile on a few kilos then I up the exercise and cut down on carbs and avoid sugar.

R = Ready for anything

A ‘Young’ mental attitude is so important. Stay current, learn new skills and most importantly stay up to date with all new technology. If you find life interesting and embrace new challenges, you will be interesting too! It is horribly ageing to stay stuck in a rut, whether it be fashion, friends or whatever. Meet new people, explore new places and stay on trend for the whole of your life. A ‘relooking’ as the french call it, never goes amiss.

People who embrace change and try new challenges are always interesting to be around. This is also good for those of you who struggle with depression, mental health issues or low self esteem. Just give something new a go!

PHOTO: Give something new a go!

T = Trends

As in ‘Fashion trends’. Stay current and keep a few on trend, this season items in your wardrobe. Do not go too mad though, just refresh your make up choices – ditch that ageing brown eyeshadow look. Buy a few new season clothes items each season and this will transform your look and take years off!

However, some things have to change a bit as we age. We have all sniggered at the man with the midlife crisis ‘teenager’ fashion look with a few dangling gold chains for good measure. Sometimes we have to take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror and say “maybe not!”. For me it is dresses that are too short, they had to go! Generally though, I think ‘Wear what you jolly well like” being confident is the most attractive quality.

My tips is to buy expensive classic staples and then add some high street cool. I also dress for the country I am visiting and try and adapt to cultural norms. Try and buy natural fibres rather than man made.

Y = Youthful looks

Nothing is more ageing than heavy make up. Regular readers know that I loathe heavy make up! If you are young, it hides a youthful glow and if you are older it is horribly ageing. Fantastic, natural, simple skincare and glowing skin is beautiful on EVERYONE, men and women.

I use Bare Minerals Skin cleansing oil, moisturiser and tinted moisturiser. Factor 50 suncare on my face if I am somewhere sunny. If there was one thing I would tell my younger self, it would be, don’t sunbathe! Only use natural products, coconut oil on my body to keep it soft and smooth.

My Travel beauty bag contains sunblock, lip salve and gloss, tinted moisturiser, brown eye liner and mascara. I have blond eyelashes so have to use Mascara sometimes although if I had lovely brown eyelashes I would leave them totally natural. I use Bare Minerals because the products are natural and CRUELTY FREE. Super important to me, I don’t want animals to suffer. ALL beauty products, make up sold in China is tested on animals, so double check the brands that you use please.

I also avoid Palm Oil in everything. Check the labels before you buy – you need a magnifying glass to see the hidden list of nasty ingredients sometimes!. Lush sell Palm Oil free Soap and Palm Oil free shampoo.

So ….. a few ideas to keep a youthful spring in your step well into your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond!

PHOTO: Swimming and Snorkelling, great to keep fit
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