How to look fabulous Staying Home

How to look fabulous staying home? The first thing I do is check out Femmeluxe Finery website. Add something pretty and new to your wardrobe without breaking the bank! The gorgeous top I am wearing above costs £14.99. I think we all need a little mood boost right now and online shopping works for me.

You could send a little Femmeluxe Finery top or Tshirt as a gift to a friend, cheer them up a little bit.

Femmeluxe Finery Dresses:

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery White Slinky Newspaper Midi Dress

What do you think about my new dress? I wore this on Easter Day and just love everything about it! The dress is a little bit different with the Newspaper print and you will stand out in a crowd. In a good way. Conservative enough for me to wear to Press events and will look good under my Balenciaga Spring jacket. I think the Newspaper print will be a great talking point at these events. That is WHEN we can all go to events again. If you want a body con look then order a size down.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Black Slinky Bodycon dress

Date Night. Always dress up for a date night, even if the Date night is at home! My Femmeluxe Finery Black Slinky Bodycon dress will be used for restaurant date nights when things get back to normal. Right now, plan a date night at home if you are lucky to be with a loved one. If not, dress up anyway and have a ‘Zoom’ night with friends!

A gorgeous dress, Candlelight…… you do not need anything else! I built my own Bali swing in the garden. My Bali trip might have been postponed but I have my swing! Have a go at making one. I am wearing my new Femmeluxe Finery dress for my dat night at home. Super elegant, a little bit vavavoom and comfortable to wear.

Photo: Femmeluxe Finery Dress

These dresses are cut so beautifully and made by a team that really understands the body of women. Enhance curves and subtly look chic and super hot at the same time! My top tip when wearing a Vavavoom dress is to underplay everything else. Subtle makeup, understated shoes and let the dress shine.

Femmeluxe Finery Tops:

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Pink Laced Puff Sleeved Top

This top is definitely the prettiest thing in my wardrobe right now! I am wearing a blue all in one underneath, but cream or white would look lovely too. This is so gorgeous, I would wear it to a wedding or any summer event. Accessorised with my Garden crown, made with a few bits of ivy found in the garden.

At £15.99 the pretty lace top is amazing value for money! Treat yourself to something gorgeous!

Femmeluxe Finery Casual Wear

Well, if you read my blog regularly you will know that Femmeluxe Finery casual wear is a staple in my wardrobe. Perfect for days at home, travelling and so much more. The latest edition to my collection is these fab navy blue Joggers. I have these in blue and pink.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Cuffed Navy Joggers

Great casual wear for working from home, lounging around or enjoying the garden. Stay home and stay safe.

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