How to make Homemade Beauty Products

How to make Homemade Beauty products? Are you missing trips to the beauty Salon right now? Well, fear not….. I ALWAYS use my Natural Homemade Beauty products. Every ingredient is available in your Food Cupboard at Home.

Some good reasons to make your own products:

  1. Takes minutes to make
  2. Save a fortune, no more expensive beauty purchases
  3. Save the planet. No expensive packaging
  4. Be kind to animals. You can be a 100% sure YOUR homemade beauty products have not been tested on animals
  5. 100% pure Natural ingredients. NO preservatives or chemicals of any kind.

Here are some of the ingredients I use, check to see if you have them. Do not worry if not, use a similar alternative.

  • Olive Oil or Sesame Oil or Rapeseed Oil
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal

Natural Beauty Treatments for your Hair:

The perfect Hair masque for soft and shiny hair. Slather your hair in Olive Oil, massage it into your scalp for a few minutes and completely cover all the hair in oil. Wrap your oil soaked hair in Plastic Cling Film or a Bath Cap then wrap a towel around your head and leave for a few hours.

You can sleep with this masque on your head for a really deep moisturise, but put a towel on the pillow. If not just leave it on for as long as possible in the evening.

Remove the cling film wash your hair with your usual Shampoo (which i hope is one with natural ingredients rather than a Chemical concoction).

Magical Olive Oil

I always use Olive oil, simply because I always have it in the kitchen. However, you can also use Argan Oil, Sesame oil or any Natural oil. Olive oil is the main ingredient in all my Home beauty treatments.

Next, let’s use a Natural facemask for the softest skin. I will be astonished if you do not agree that your skin is a soft as can be after this mask.

Remember, Homemade Beauty Products really work, but can be a bit messy. Make sure you apply this next one in the Bathroom.

Avocado Face Mask

I’m sure you have an Avocado in the fridge? Mash up the Avocado, mix it with a tablespoon of Honey and two tablespoons of Oatmeal (Porridge Oats). Mix it all up together. I also add a splash of Olive Oil, but this makes it extra messy!

Cover all of the face with this mix and leave for 10/15 minutes. Lie down if possible to keep it in place. Cover with Cling film for an extra intense masque if you wish.

Lie down and put a slice of Cucumber on your eyelids to refresh eyes and remove eye bags.

Remove with some Paper Kitchen Towel and rinse your face with water. Be prepared for astonishing results!

Cellulite Treatment:

This is a treatment for ensuring smooth thighs. The perfect pre- beach holiday treatment when you will be exposing those long hidden thighs to the world!

After you make your morning coffee, save the used coffee grounds. Place them in a bowl and add enough olive oil to make a thick paste. Rub the paste onto your thighs and MASSAGE. You could get your partner to do this for you! Always massage upwards towards the heart, never down to the feet. After a good long thigh massage, wrap cling film around your thighs, encasing the Coffee mixture. Leave for 10 minutes. then remove with Paper Towel and shower.

Again, this is super effective but a little bit messy to apply and remove. It WORKS.

Foot Masque:

Massage your feet with Sesame Oil (or any oil you have to hand). Massage the oil thoroughly then add a little bit more and put some cotton socks onto your feet. Relax and put up your feet for half an hour. Shower off the oil. Super soft feet! Massage some of the oil into your cuticles too, makes then disappear as if by magic.

Drink: A soothing cup of Camomile Tea while relaxing with a Foot Masque. I grow my own Organic Camomile in the garden.


Cut your own Hair!

I have some hairdressing scissors, but this is not necessary, any sharp scissors will do! This hair cut gives long, soft, natural looking layers. Wash your hair. Lean forwards and brush all your hair forwards. Gather the hair into a ponytail on the crown of your head while still leaning forwards. Twist the hair tightly to the ends of the hair.

Decide how much you want to chop off and simply CUT! Chop the hair straight across. Release the hair, still leaning forwards then brush and twist in the other direction and cut!

PHOTO: How to cut your own hair

How to cut your own hair! Easy peasy. Then just dry your hair and styla as normal. Although this cut does allow you to just ‘dry and go’ as it will fall naturally into place. I use a heated styling brush for special occasions.

Remember, you are beautiful just as you are! Do not let the billion pound beauty industry brainwash you into thinking you need to change. I keep repeating my matra that “When you are young and fresh skinned make up just masks your youthful glow. When you get to be older, I think make up is very ageing”. We should all embrace our natural beauty. If you have curly hair then LOVE it, you are gorgeous. Straight hair like mine? Then love that too!

At home I never wear any make up, just lots of Factor 50 face cream. When I go out, I just use a little bit of eye liner, Mascara, tinted moisturiser and lip gloss and only use products that are not tested on animals. I hope you will use ‘cruelty free’ products too?

Some products, trips, hotel stays, restaurant visits are gifted, Press trips, Press events, Paid or sponsored.  All opinions are my own and I only accept invitations to places, events that I really love.