Ibiza 20222. I already have a popular blog post about this beautiful White Island in the Balearics. Here is some additional information from my last visit which might be useful for you in 2022. I recommend booking at the last minute, just to be sure! Make sure you check on all travel restrictions before you book a trip in 2022.

Why Visit Ibiza?

Ibiza is a beautiful little island, famous for the party lifestyle, famous clubs and parties. However ….. I love the secret Ibiza. A quiet little haven, perfect little Olive groves, pristine beaches and secret coves. The crystal clear, warm water to swim and take a picnic. Hike in the quiet hillside. Eat delicious Tapas and sample some Spanish wine.

Rent a stunning villa with private pool set amongst the pine groves overlooking the sea. A million miles from the tourist resorts and far more restful. I NEVER visit in high season, too hot and too crowded!

IBIZA 2020 – Crystal Clear Sea

How to organise your Ibiza trip post Covid 19

We have new challenges to face on our travels nowadays, but it is possible to still enjoy a holiday. Here is how I do it:

  1. I flew with British Airways from London. The flights were nearly empty and all Covid 19 hygiene and stay safe protocols are strictly implemented. Face masks are worn, hand sanitiser and wipes provided by the airline. The staff are very professional and I am very impressed with British Airways.
  2. Hire a car. Stay safely in your car and come into contact with less people. A car is also the best way to explore the island and find those hidden coves and beaches. Budget Rental cars kindly upgraded me to a BMW Convertible which was a treat.
  3. Stay in a private villa. I have stayed in different private villas this summer. Firstly because I do not want to stay in a hotel and come into contact with a lot of people. Secondly, it is my favourite way to travel! What could be nicer than your own villa and pool? Easy to isolate, enjoy the peace and quiet, cook great food in your own kitchen.
  4. I have been avoiding busy bars and restaurants too. I love to cook and buying local ingredients and trying local recipes and local wines is all part of the fun of travel for me.
  5. Check all the up to date advice and information on restrictions before you arrive on the island, these are changing all the time.
Photo: BMW Convertibel Hire Car

What to do in Ibiza?

Obviously, everyone thinks of Ibiza as a party island. Not so right now when real life is put on hold. However, I visit Ibiza for the incredible beaches and zen, relaxing atmosphere. Swimming, Yoga, hiking and chilling out are my favourite things to do here. There is something unique and special about Ibiza. They say it is due to the high quantity of Quartz Crystal in the Island soil. Who knows, but it is special.

Photo: Ibiza Port
Photo: Ibiza Port

Beach Life in Ibiza

If you hire a car, drive up towards the North of the island, drive through Olive groves and pretty hillside views and find some of the hidden beaches of the island. The best way to discover these is by boat. It is possible to hire a boat for the day for around 500 euros with skipper and for up to 10 guests. Set off from San Antoni, Santa Eularia or Ibiza port For dive trips head up to Portinax.

Photo: Beaches in Northern Ibiza

The busier beaches are around the tourist town of San Antoni, which is the party town in Ibiza. Not my favourite place so I will let you read about that elsewhere!

Tourist towns are San Antoni and Santa Eularia. Santa Eularia is family orientated and has some nice family beaches.

Photo: Santa Eularia Beach
Photo: Santa Eularia Beach, Ibiza

This is a typical tourist town with some restaurants, bars, shops and market in the main square everyday.

Photo: Santa Eularia Main Square
PHOTO: Santa Eularia Main Square

Santa Eularia was VERY quiet when I stopped by to get some supplies. A few people were heading out on boats and a few people heading to the beach.

I LIKE quiet places with only a few people around, so for me it is perfect. I visited Ibiza for the first time age 7 and I can honestly say there were more visitors back then!

Photo: Idyllic Ibiza Coves
Photo: Playa Cala Xarraca

If a beach was too busy for me, I simply jumped in the car to find a quieter place to swim, snorkel and picnic. Playa Xarraca pictured above was surprisingly busy with a mix of people wearing absolutely nothing, topless and swimsuits. This is one of the joyous things about Ibiza, anything goes in beach attire (or lack of). The puritanical modesty that is creeping into France and other countries is joyfully absent here.

A lot of the beaches seem to have naturist areas. The biggest naturist beaches are Agua blanca (LOVE this beautiful beach) on the East coast and Platja des Cavallet (My least favourite place) in the South of the island, past the Salt flats.

IBIZA is famous for its salt production and you will find Ibiza Salt products everywhere.


Read about Agua Blanca here:

Explore the little towns as you drive through the island. Santa Gertrudis has some charming bars, shops and restaurants.

Church in St Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis and San Carlos are both charming little towns. The famous Hippy market is normally held just outside San Carlo but not right now.

Hippy market
Hippy Market Sign

Hippy Markets were closed during my visit and the old Town of Ibiza was very quiet and about to go into a partial lockdown with restaurants and bars closing at 10pm. However, if you visit here is some information. The old town Dalt Vila:

Dalt Vila – Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza Old Town
Ibiza Old Town

As you can see the streets leading up to the Old Town were deserted. Hopefully, by the time you visit things will be a little more normal. Wind your way up through the gorgeous Dalt Vila to Castell d’Eivissa at the top.

PHOTO: Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza Old Town, umchanged for as long as I can remember. If you are planning a trip to Ibiza (weather is still glorious until November) check on the Government website to see what rules, regulations and lockdowns are in place.

Castell d'Eivissa
PHOTO: Ibiza Castle (Castell d’Eivissa

The Castle commands spectacular views of the island in one direction and the Meditteranean in the other. Iyt has a history stretching back a thousand years and included the Moorish era Tower of Homage, an 8th century Almadaina and 18th century barracks.

Castell d'Eivissa
PHOTO: Castell D’eivissa Sea Views

How about this for a view? For the perfect sunset photo, head to the west of the island to Mirador Es Vedra.

PHOTO: Ibiza Port

Ibiza Port

What else to do in Ibiza? Definitely take a boat trip. Either hire your own Yacht and skipper or go on one of the organised trips. You can laso take a 25 minute ferry to Formentera, a nearby island which is wild and beautiful and definitely worth spending time exploring and eating out in the small beach side Churittos and restaurants. If you want, hop on a ferry to Mallorca but that is a longer ferry ride of 2 hours. Great for island hopping.

There is a BIG parking just off the Port and the perfect place to park if you are exploring the town.

Ibiza Old Town
Ibiza Old Town

So…. I totally recommend a trip to Ibiza or any of the Balearic Islands and it is possible to have a lovely ‘get away from it all’ time – quite literally!

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