Is 2GO a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

2GO is a passenger ferry and cargo shipping service operating in the Philippines. The company was established in 1992 and is the country’s leading inter-island shipping line. It operates a fleet of ferries, container ships, and cargo vessels that travel between ports all over the Philippines. 2GO also offers passenger services for luxury cruises, as well as vacation packages for those who wish to explore the islands of the Philippines.

The ships of 2GO are designed to handle both passengers and cargo. The ferries are equipped with large cabins, lounges, restaurants, and recreational facilities to ensure passengers have a comfortable journey. The company also provides cargo vessels with space for containers and other goods so they can be transported safely across the seas.

All ships have an onboard medical team and are equipped with lifeboats in case of an emergency.

2GO offers luxury cruise packages that allow passengers to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Their cruises provide passengers with an opportunity to visit remote beaches, take part in exciting activities such as snorkeling or diving, enjoy delicious local cuisine, and much more. Passengers can choose from different types of cruises such as day trips or longer voyages depending on their preference and budget.

So is 2GO a cruise ship? The answer is no – while 2GO does offer cruise packages, it primarily operates as a passenger ferry and cargo shipping service. Its fleet of ships includes both ferries for passengers and cargo vessels for transporting goods across the seas.


No, 2GO is not a cruise ship – instead it is primarily a passenger ferry and cargo shipping service operating in the Philippines. It offers luxury cruise packages but its main purpose is to transport people and goods between ports in the country.