Is a Cruise Ship a Yacht?

By Alice Nichols

A cruise ship and a yacht are two different types of vessels that have different characteristics and purposes. A cruise ship is a large, passenger-carrying vessel that sails on multiple routes. It is used for pleasure cruises, offering passengers amenities such as restaurants, bars, spas, pools, and entertainment. A yacht on the other hand is a smaller vessel that is typically used for leisurely sailing or cruising by its owner or passengers. Yachts are typically luxurious vessels that are used for private parties and events, particularly in coastal waters.

Cruise ships can range from small to very large in size and they usually carry several hundred to several thousand passengers.

The staff on board typically consists of crew members who take care of the operational functions of the vessel. In addition to providing meals and entertainment to passengers, cruise ships also provide medical services and safety equipment onboard. Cruise ships usually follow a set route with regular port calls along the way.

Yachts are usually much smaller than cruise ships, ranging from 20-60 feet in length. They are designed for pleasure sailing on open waters with few amenities onboard other than those that the owner brings on board such as food and drink supplies. Yachts have a single captain who steers the vessel, but may also have crew members who help with maintenance tasks such as cleaning and provisioning the yacht before setting sail. Unlike a cruise ship which follows a set route with scheduled port calls, yachts can go wherever the captain or owner desires since they are privately owned vessels.


In conclusion, it is clear that a cruise ship and a yacht have many differences between them; from size to purpose to amenities provided onboard each vessel type. While both can be used for leisurely sailing or cruising purposes, there are distinct differences between them which makes one not necessarily more suitable than the other when it comes to selecting the right type of vessel for your needs.

Is a Cruise Ship a Yacht?: No, while both vessels can be used for sailing or cruising purposes they are distinctly different types of vessels.