Is a Cruise Ship Bigger Than the Ark?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships of today are often massive vessels that can carry up to 6,000 passengers and crew at a time. These ships are marvels of modern engineering and technology, with their own power grids, water systems, and other amenities. But how do these behemoths compare to the legendary Ark of the Bible?

Size Comparison

The biggest cruise ship in the world is Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. This ship weighs in at 228,081 gross registered tons (GRT), and is 1,188 feet long.

That’s almost four football fields in length! The Ark by comparison is estimated to have been only 450 feet long (about 1-1/2 football fields). So based strictly on size, it’s clear that a modern cruise ship is far bigger than the Ark.


Cruise ships today have a huge capacity for passengers and crew. The Symphony of the Seas can carry up to 6,680 people on board; far more than most other cruise ships.

The Ark was much less spacious by comparison; it only had room for about 100 people. So when it comes to capacity, a modern cruise ship is clearly much bigger than the Ark.


Modern cruise ships have all sorts of amenities for passengers to enjoy; from swimming pools and movie theaters to restaurants and shopping centers. The Ark was not so luxurious; there were no bathrooms or entertainment areas onboard! So when it comes to amenities, there’s no comparison between a modern cruise ship and the Ark.

Conclusion: When comparing size, capacity, and amenities between a modern cruise ship and the biblical Ark, it is quite clear that a modern cruise ship is bigger in almost every way imaginable. The largest cruise ships today weigh in at over 200 thousand tons and can accommodate up to 6,680 people while the biblical Ark was estimated to be only 450 feet long with room for only 100 people onboard! So yes – a Cruise Ship Is Bigger Than the Ark!