Is Amazon in the Travel Business?

By Alice Nichols

Amazon, one of the world’s most successful e-commerce companies, is not only known for its online retail market, but for its various other services as well. In recent years, Amazon has been making a foray into the travel industry, with their launch of Amazon Destinations in 2015.

The service was launched in the US as an online travel booking service that allowed customers to book hotels located in select cities across the country. It offered customers exclusive discounts and deals on hotel packages, which could be booked through Amazon’s own website or mobile application. The aim of this service was to help customers find and book hotels that suited their budget and needs without having to go through multiple booking sites.

Since then, Amazon has expanded its travel business by launching other services such as Amazon Local Travels and Amazon Global Travel. The former is aimed at helping travelers find local attractions and activities in their destination cities, while the latter focuses on helping them book international flights and hotels from anywhere in the world. Both services are designed to make it easier for travelers to find the best deals and get the most out of their vacations.

In addition to these services, Amazon has also started offering travel insurance through its website and mobile app, which helps cover any unforeseen expenses incurred during a trip. Furthermore, it has partnered with various airlines to provide customers with discounted flight tickets when they book through Amazon’s website or app.

It is clear that Amazon has taken steps towards becoming a major player in the travel industry by launching these new services and partnerships over the past few years. Whether or not they will be able to compete with established players such as Expedia remains to be seen, but it is evident that they are attempting to make a mark in this sector.

Conclusion: From these developments it can be concluded that Amazon is indeed making strides into the travel business arena with their various offerings and partnerships. While there is still some way for them to go before they can become a major player in this sector like Expedia or, they are certainly making all efforts towards achieving success here too!