Is Backpacking Allowed in Rocky Mountain National Park?

By Alice Nichols

Rocky Mountain National Park is an incredible and diverse area of Colorado. It offers breathtaking views, wildlife encounters, and nature hikes. But is backpacking allowed in this national park?

Backpacking is a popular activity for visitors to the park. It allows for exploration of the area without having to stay in a single spot for too long. However, visitors must adhere to certain rules and regulations when it comes to backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The first rule of backpacking within the park is that all campsites must be reserved ahead of time. This means that backpackers must plan their trip in advance and book a designated campsite before they arrive at the park. There are several campgrounds within Rocky Mountain National Park that offer backcountry camping opportunities.

In addition, all backpackers should check with the park service before setting out on their journey. This will ensure that they are aware of any restrictions or closures that may be in place due to weather or other conditions. Backpackers should also check with the ranger station for any advisories about bear activity or other dangers.

Backpackers are also required to store their food properly using bear canisters or other approved containers. This will help keep bears away from campsites, as well as helping keep humans safe from potential harm.


Yes, backpacking is allowed in Rocky Mountain National Park as long as visitors adhere to all regulations put in place by the park service. Visitors should plan ahead and reserve campsites ahead of time, check with rangers for advisories and restrictions, and store food properly using bear canisters or other approved containers while they are out on their journey.