Is Backpacking Safe in Mexico?

By Alice Nichols

Mexico is an incredibly popular travel destination for backpackers, as it offers a vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and plenty of adventure. However, it is important to know that Mexico can be a dangerous place for travelers if they are not careful.

While many areas in Mexico are perfectly safe to visit, there are certain areas that should be avoided due to the high levels of crime and violence. It is important to do research and find out which cities or regions may be unsafe before travelling. Travellers should also avoid travelling alone in unknown areas at night or in isolated locations.

It is important to stay vigilant when travelling in Mexico and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Tourists should avoid carrying large amounts of cash or expensive items with them as this could make them more vulnerable to theft or robbery. Travellers should also exercise caution when using ATMs and never share their PIN numbers with anyone.

In addition, tourists should take precautions such as dressing modestly in order to blend in with the local culture, and avoiding public displays of affection as this can attract unwanted attention from locals. It is also wise to register with the nearest embassy or consulate so that they can be contacted if help is needed during an emergency situation.

Safety Tips:

  • Do research on where you’re traveling
  • Avoid travelling alone at night or in isolated locations
  • Carry only limited amounts of cash
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Dress modestly
  • Avoid public displays of affection
  • Register with the nearest embassy or consulate


Backpacking through Mexico can be a safe experience as long as travelers take safety precautions such as researching their destination beforehand, avoiding travelling alone at night or in isolated locations, carrying only limited amounts of cash and staying aware of their surroundings while they travel. By following these tips, travellers will ensure a smooth journey through the country and will have a great experience exploring all that Mexico has to offer!