Is Coriolanus From Rome?

By Anna Duncan

Is Coriolanus From Rome?

Rome, the eternal city, is known for its rich history and legendary figures. One such figure is Coriolanus, a renowned Roman general who played a significant role in the early days of the Roman Republic.

But was Coriolanus truly from Rome? Let’s delve into the historical accounts to find out.

Who Was Coriolanus?

Coriolanus, whose full name was Gaius Marcius Coriolanus, lived in the 5th century BC. He was born into a noble patrician family in Rome and grew up during a time of political upheaval and social unrest.

The Legend of Coriolanus

The story of Coriolanus gained prominence through the works of renowned playwright William Shakespeare. In his play “Coriolanus,” Shakespeare portrays him as a valiant warrior who achieved great victories for Rome.

According to legend, during a military campaign against Volsci, an enemy of Rome, Coriolanus led his troops to victory by capturing the city of Corioli. In recognition of this triumph, he earned the name “Coriolanus.”

The Banishment

Despite his military successes, Coriolanus faced opposition from some influential figures in Rome. He held strong conservative views and believed that only those who owned land should have political power.

  • This led to conflicts with plebeians, who were common citizens without substantial wealth or property.
  • Hence, they accused him of seeking to undermine their rights and inciting class division within Rome.

In response to these accusations and growing tensions, Coriolanus was banished from Rome by the Roman Senate.

Exile and Alliance

Following his exile, Coriolanus formed an alliance with his former enemies, the Volsci. He sought revenge against Rome and led the Volscian army in an attack on his homeland.

However, when Coriolanus was on the brink of capturing Rome, his mother, wife, and other influential Roman women pleaded with him to spare the city.

Touched by their pleas and torn between loyalty to Rome and his thirst for revenge, Coriolanus ultimately decided to withdraw his troops. This act of mercy cost him his life as the Volsci saw it as a betrayal and subsequently executed him.

The Legacy of Coriolanus

The story of Coriolanus leaves behind a complex legacy. Some view him as a hero who fought for what he believed in, while others see him as a traitor who betrayed Rome. Regardless of one’s interpretation, there is no denying that Coriolanus left an indelible mark on Roman history.

In Conclusion

So, was Coriolanus from Rome? Yes, he was indeed born into a patrician family in Rome.

However, due to political conflict and subsequent banishment, he found himself in opposition to his own city. His story is one of tragedy and conflicting loyalties that continues to captivate audiences centuries later.