Is Destination Wedding Com Real?

By Anna Duncan

Destination Wedding Com is a unique concept in the wedding planning industry. It offers couples the opportunity to plan their entire wedding, from venue selection to reception, in one convenient package.

The company has been featured in numerous publications, including The Knot and Brides Magazine. But is Destination Wedding Com real?

The answer is yes! Destination Wedding Com is a legitimate business that has been around since 2011.

They have a physical presence at their headquarters in London and have offices in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. They are also members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP).

Destination Wedding Com specializes in providing couples with an all-inclusive package for their wedding planning needs. This includes everything from venue selection to reception catering.

The company also provides personalized service to help customize each wedding package to fit the needs of each couple.

The company also provides a range of services such as event planning, photography and videography services, as well as music and DJ services. All of these services are provided with an aim towards making sure that each couple’s dream wedding comes true.

The company has received rave reviews from customers who have used their services, citing excellent customer service and attention to detail on each event they have planned. This shows that Destination Wedding Com is a reliable business that can be trusted with one’s special day.


Based on customer reviews and the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, it can be concluded that Destination Wedding Com is indeed a real business offering reliable services for couples planning their destination weddings.