Is Food on a Cruise Ship Free?

By Anna Duncan

One of the most common questions asked by people interested in taking a cruise is “Is food on a cruise ship free?” The answer is yes and no. Most cruise lines offer complimentary meals in the dining rooms, buffets, and some other areas of the ship. But there are also specialty restaurants that require an additional cover charge or reservation fee.

The complimentary restaurants usually offer a variety of cuisine to choose from, with something for every taste. Most ships feature multiple dining rooms, each with its own menu and atmosphere.

Some ships also have buffets which typically offer a wider selection of food than the dining rooms.

Specialty restaurants require an additional fee and usually feature cuisine from around the world. These can include Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Mexican and more. Some ships also have steakhouses or seafood restaurants that require an extra fee as well.

Room service is typically available 24 hours a day and may have an additional charge associated with it as well. Room service menus may vary depending on the time of day, but generally include items such as breakfast sandwiches, salads, burgers and desserts.

Beverages are not included in complimentary meals. While some ships offer complimentary coffee and tea throughout the day, alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and cocktails require an additional fee that must be paid at the time of purchase. Specialty coffees such as lattes or cappuccinos may also require an extra fee.

In conclusion, food on a cruise ship is both free and not free depending on where you choose to eat. Complimentary meals are available in most areas of the ship but specialty restaurants will require an additional cover charge or reservation fee.