Is Hays Travel Still in Business?

By Alice Nichols

Hays Travel is the largest independent travel agency in the UK, with over 190 branches across the country and a strong presence in many UK cities. The company was founded in 1980 by John and Irene Hays and has since become one of the most respected names in the travel industry. Despite recent financial difficulties, Hays Travel is still very much ‘in business’ and continues to offer a high-quality service to customers.

The company’s core business model focuses on personalised travel services, such as luxury holidays and cruise packages. In addition to this, they also provide a range of other services including airport transfers, car hire, insurance and foreign exchange. Although their main focus is on holiday packages, they also offer flights, accommodation and activities for those looking to explore more of Europe or further afield.

Hays Travel has faced difficult times in recent years due to the global economic downturn, but they have managed to stay afloat throughout this period by focusing on their core strengths. Their ability to provide personalised customer service has been key to their success – customers can get tailored advice from experienced travel experts when booking their trip.

The company has also been proactive in embracing new technologies, such as online booking systems and mobile apps. This has allowed them to keep up with modern trends while also providing customers with an easy way to find the best deals for their trip.

In conclusion, Hays Travel remains one of Britain’s leading travel agencies despite facing some financial difficulties recently. They are still very much ‘in business’ and continue to provide a high-quality service for customers who want a personalised holiday experience or advice from experienced travel experts. With an emphasis on new technologies such as online booking systems and mobile apps, Hays Travel have shown that they are ready for the future of travel.