Is Intrepid Travel Still in Business?

By Michael Ferguson

Intrepid Travel has been a well-known brand in the travel industry for over three decades. Founded in 1989, Intrepid has grown to become one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies. The company offers a wide range of small group tours, expeditions, and active holidays in over 120 countries on six continents.

Intrepid Travel is committed to responsible travel, and their approach emphasizes sustainability, cultural exchange, and giving back to the local communities they visit. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Intrepid works with local suppliers and operators who are dedicated to conservation efforts and environmental practices. They also work closely with non-profit organizations like Planeterra Foundation to help protect and preserve the places they visit.

Despite the pandemic-induced economic crisis that has affected many industries, Intrepid Travel is still in business. The company has taken steps to ensure the safety of their travelers by introducing new health protocols such as pre-trip testing and providing additional flexibilities for customers whose plans have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition, Intrepid is focusing on their long-term sustainability strategies such as investing in green projects and carbon offsetting initiatives. They are also investing heavily in digitalization efforts to improve customer experience before, during, and after trips.

Intrepid Travel is adapting quickly to current market conditions so that they can continue delivering quality experiences for travelers when it’s safe for them to do so again. With their commitment to responsible tourism practices and innovative strategies for managing through the pandemic crisis, it’s clear that Intrepid Travel is still very much in business.

Conclusion: To conclude, Intrepid Travel is still in business despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The company is committed to responsible tourism practices and has implemented innovative strategies that have enabled them to remain operational during these difficult times.