Is Matera Near Rome?

By Michael Ferguson

Is Matera Near Rome?

If you’re planning a trip to Italy and have heard about the stunning town of Matera, you might be wondering if it is located near Rome. In this article, we will explore the geographical distance between these two cities and provide you with all the information you need to plan your itinerary.

Geographical Location

Matera is a city located in the southern region of Italy, specifically in the Basilicata region. On the other hand, Rome is situated in the central-western part of the country, in the Lazio region. While both cities are in Italy, they are not close to each other geographically.

Distance Between Matera and Rome

The distance between Matera and Rome is approximately 373 kilometers or 232 miles. This means that traveling from Rome to Matera or vice versa requires a significant amount of time and planning.

Transportation Options

There are several transportation options available for traveling between Matera and Rome:

  • Train: Trains are a popular mode of transportation in Italy. To travel from Rome to Matera by train, you can take a train from Roma Termini station to Bari Centrale station.

    From there, you can transfer to a regional train that will take you directly to Matera.

  • Bus: Another option is taking a bus from Rome to Matera. Several bus companies operate routes between these two cities, offering both direct and indirect services.
  • Rental Car: If you prefer more flexibility and freedom during your trip, renting a car is an option worth considering. The drive from Rome to Matera takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, depending on traffic and the route you choose.

Exploring Matera

Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is renowned for its unique ancient cave dwellings known as “Sassi.” These cave dwellings, carved out of limestone, create a mesmerizing landscape that attracts visitors from all over the world.

While in Matera, make sure to visit the Sassi di Matera, which consists of two districts – Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. Walking through these districts allows you to experience the rich history and culture of the town.

Points of Interest in Matera:

  • Matera Cathedral: This stunning cathedral is located on Piazza Duomo and features a mix of Romanesque and Apulian-Romanesque architectural styles.
  • Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario: Step back in time by visiting this preserved cave dwelling that offers a glimpse into the daily life of past residents.
  • MUSMA – Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Matera: Located in an ancient palace, this museum showcases contemporary sculptures within an historic setting.

As you explore Matera, don’t forget to sample the local cuisine. The region is known for its delicious dishes, including orecchiette pasta, Lucanica sausage, and various types of bread.

In Conclusion

Matera is not near Rome geographically. However, with proper planning and understanding of transportation options available, it is certainly possible to visit both cities during your trip to Italy. Whether you choose to experience the ancient charm of Matera or explore the historical sites of Rome, each city offers a unique experience that will leave you with lasting memories.