Is New Zealand Good for Backpacking?

By Michael Ferguson

Backpacking in New Zealand is an increasingly popular activity, with its stunning landscapes and unique culture offering the perfect opportunity to explore and experience something new. The country is well known for its incredible natural beauty, with mountains, fjords and beaches all providing plenty of activities to keep you entertained. It is also home to a number of vibrant cities, including Auckland and Wellington, making it the ideal place for backpackers looking to combine city life with natural wonders.

New Zealand offers a range of accommodation options for backpackers, from hostels and camping grounds to more luxurious resorts. Hostel prices are generally quite reasonable and provide a great opportunity for those on a budget to explore the country at an affordable rate.

Campsites can also be found throughout the country, with many of them located in remote locations offering beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. For those looking for something more luxurious then there are plenty of resorts that cater specifically for backpackers, offering comfortable rooms and facilities such as swimming pools and gyms.

The cost of living in New Zealand is generally quite low compared to other countries around the world, meaning that it is easy to enjoy a good level of comfort while travelling on a budget. There are also plenty of activities on offer such as trekking through stunning national parks or taking part in adventure sports like bungee jumping or skydiving. Many areas offer free or discounted entry into attractions such as museums or galleries which can be a great way to learn more about the culture and history of New Zealand.

The people in New Zealand are incredibly friendly and welcoming towards tourists making it an enjoyable destination no matter where you decide to go. Public transport links throughout the country make it easy to get around without having to worry about hiring a car or relying on taxis. There are also plenty of walking trails available throughout New Zealand which provide amazing views whilst allowing you explore at your own pace.


All in all, New Zealand is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to experience backpacking at its best – offering stunning landscapes, exciting activities and friendly people all at an affordable cost. With its range of accommodation options and low cost living it makes the perfect place for budget travellers looking for an unforgettable adventure.