Is Rome 2 Remastered Good?

By Anna Duncan

Is Rome 2 Remastered Good?

If you’re a fan of strategy games, chances are you’ve heard of Rome 2: Total War. Originally released in 2013, this historical strategy game quickly became a favorite among gamers.

Now, almost a decade later, the game has been remastered and re-released with updated graphics and gameplay improvements. But is Rome 2 Remastered worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

Graphics and Visual Enhancements

One of the first things you’ll notice about Rome 2 Remastered is its improved graphics. The developers have gone above and beyond to give the game a fresh new look.

The textures are sharper, the colors are more vibrant, and the overall visual fidelity has been significantly enhanced. Whether you’re zooming in on individual units or taking in the grandeur of large-scale battles, Rome 2 Remastered delivers an immersive visual experience.

Gameplay Improvements

Aside from the visual upgrades, Rome 2 Remastered also brings several gameplay improvements to the table. The AI has been overhauled to provide a more challenging and realistic experience.

Diplomacy options have been expanded, allowing for deeper interactions with other factions. Additionally, quality-of-life improvements such as improved campaign map navigation and UI enhancements make managing your empire feel smoother than ever before.

Content and Replayability

Rome 2 Remastered doesn’t just stop at improving the visuals and gameplay; it also comes packed with all previously released DLC content. This means you’ll have access to all playable factions, units, campaigns, and expansions right from the start. The sheer amount of content available ensures that each playthrough offers a unique experience.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Rome 2 Remastered is undoubtedly a great investment for both new players and fans of the original game. The enhanced graphics, gameplay improvements, and extensive content make it a worthy addition to any strategy gamer’s collection. Whether you’re conquering Europe as the Roman Empire or leading other factions to victory, Rome 2 Remastered offers an engaging and visually stunning experience that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Pros: Stunning graphics, improved gameplay, extensive content
  • Cons: Some minor bugs and glitches

If you’re a fan of strategy games and historical settings, Rome 2 Remastered is definitely worth checking out. With its visual enhancements, gameplay improvements, and vast amount of content, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment.