Is Symphony of the Seas the Largest Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Symphony of the Seas is one of the world’s largest cruise ships and is part of Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis-class fleet. The ship was launched in 2018 and features a larger capacity than its sister ships, as well as several new amenities and services. It has a total length of 362 meters (1,187 feet) and a gross tonnage of 228,081 GT.

The Symphony of the Seas offers its passengers a wide range of activities, including an outdoor pool complex with two giant slides, an ice skating rink, and a zip line. There are also plenty of entertainment options available on board, such as live music performances, comedy shows, and movies. The ship also features a two-deck casino, multiple bars and lounges, and even an AquaTheater for aqua shows.

The Symphony of the Seas also has plenty of dining options for guests to enjoy. There are 22 restaurants onboard ranging from buffet-style eateries to specialty restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. In addition to these dining options there are also several specialty shops located on board the ship.


In conclusion, Symphony of the Seas is undoubtedly one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It offers its passengers plenty of entertainment options as well as numerous dining choices. Its size allows it to accommodate more guests than any other Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis-class fleet making it truly unique in its class!