Is the Concordia Cruise Ship Still There?

By Michael Ferguson

The Concordia Cruise Ship disaster of 2012 was a tragic event that claimed the lives of 32 passengers and crew members, and left many more injured. The incident occurred when the ship collided with a reef off the coast of Italy. As a result, the ship eventually capsized and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Since then, much has been done to investigate the cause of this disaster. In 2015, an Italian court convicted five individuals in connection with the incident, including captain Francesco Schettino. The court found that Schettino was responsible for failing to properly navigate the vessel and was ultimately found guilty of multiple counts of manslaughter and causing a maritime disaster.

In addition to criminal repercussions, a civil lawsuit was brought against Costa Cruises (the owner and operator of Concordia) by those affected by the incident. Costa Cruises eventually reached an agreement with victims in 2017, agreeing to pay out millions in compensation for damages suffered in connection with the sinking of Concordia.

Despite all this progress, one burning question remains: Is the Concordia Cruise Ship still there? Unfortunately, it is not. While some parts of the vessel remain visible at the bottom of the sea near Giglio Island in Italy, it is believed that most of it has been removed from its resting place after extensive salvage efforts by Italian authorities over several years.

In conclusion, while no amount of money or punishment can undo what happened on that fateful day in 2012, it is clear that justice has been served for those affected by this tragedy. While no one will ever forget what happened on board Concordia Cruise Ship that day, hopefully this resolution brings some measure of closure for those who lost loved ones or were otherwise affected by this event. The Concordia Cruise Ship is no longer there, but its legacy will live on forever as a reminder to all about how quickly tragedy can strike even when we least expect it.

Conclusion: The Concordia Cruise Ship is no longer there; however, its legacy will continue to remind us all about how quickly tragedy can occur.