Is There a Cruise Ship From Florida to Hawaii?

By Alice Nichols

When planning a Hawaiian vacation, it can be difficult to determine the best form of transportation. The question of “Is there a cruise ship from Florida to Hawaii?” is often asked. While there is no direct cruise ship route from Florida to Hawaii, there are still numerous options for travelers looking to embark on a journey from the mainland United States to the islands.

One of the most popular options for travelers is to take a cruise from California, or even Mexico, and stop at various ports along the way. Taking this route will provide vacationers with an opportunity to explore multiple destinations during their trip, as well as have time to relax and enjoy some time away from home. Cruise ships typically depart from Los Angeles or San Diego, and will make stops in places such as Ensenada Mexico, Hilo Hawaii, Honolulu Hawaii, Maui Hawaii and Kona Hawaii before reaching their final destination.

For those who prefer a more direct approach, flying is another great option. Flights leaving from various locations around Florida can take passengers directly to Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, HI.

From there they can fly directly into other Hawaiian airports such as Kahului Airport in Maui or Kona International Airport in Kona. This allows travelers to spend less time in transit and more time enjoying their tropical getaway.


When considering how best to travel between Florida and Hawaii, one must consider all available options. While there is no direct cruise ship route between the two locations, travelers can opt for either taking a multi-stop cruise or flying directly into one of the major Hawaiian airports. Regardless of the method chosen, vacationers are sure to have an unforgettable experience when visiting these beautiful islands.