Is There a Cruise Ship That Goes to Aruba?

By Michael Ferguson

Aruba is a popular destination in the Caribbean, and many people want to know if there is a cruise ship that goes there. The answer is yes, there are several cruise ships that travel to Aruba.

The most popular cruise line going to Aruba is Carnival Cruise Line. They offer seven-day trips to the island, with stops at other Caribbean destinations such as Curacao, Grand Turk, and St. Maarten.

Onboard the Carnival ships, passengers can enjoy a variety of activities including swimming pools, movie theaters, live shows, and restaurants.

Royal Caribbean also offers cruises to Aruba and other Caribbean destinations such as Jamaica, Mexico, and the Bahamas. These trips are usually seven or eight days long and feature exciting activities like zip-lining and rock climbing walls onboard their ships.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers seven-day cruises to Aruba as well as other Caribbean destinations like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and St. Kitts & Nevis. Onboard their ships are many amenities such as casinos, specialty restaurants serving international cuisine, spa treatments, and adult only areas.

Yes, there are several cruise lines that offer trips to Aruba from various ports around the world. Carnival Cruise Line has seven-day cruises while Royal Caribbean offers both seven-day and eight-day trips. Norwegian Cruise Line also has seven-day voyages available for those wanting to explore the beauty of Aruba from the comfort of a cruise ship.