Is There a Roller Coaster on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Carnival Cruise Ships are known for providing an array of activities and entertainment options to its passengers. From shopping, to dining to spa treatments, there is something for everyone on board. One of the most popular activities on a Carnival Cruise is the roller coaster, but is there actually one on board?

The answer is yes, there are roller coasters on select Carnival Cruise ships. The cruise line has partnered with some of the world’s top theme park designers to create unique and thrilling experiences for passengers.

The roller coasters can range from mild to wild, depending on the specific ship you’re on. Some of the more daring rides include a high-speed looping coaster and an inverted looping coaster.

Carnival also offers other thrill rides such as drop towers, spinning rides and 4D theaters that take you on an exciting journey through space and time. Additionally, some ships feature virtual reality experiences that provide a realistic experience without the danger of real-world thrills.

In addition to thrilling rides and attractions, Carnival also offers plenty of family-friendly activities like mini golf courses, rock climbing walls and water slides. There are also plenty of opportunities for relaxation such as spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.


Yes, there are roller coasters on select Carnival Cruise ships. Passengers can experience thrills ranging from mild to wild depending on which ship they’re on. In addition to thrilling rides, Carnival also provides plenty of family-friendly activities as well as opportunities for relaxation.