Is Travel Business Profitable in India?

By Michael Ferguson

Travel is one of the biggest industries in India, and it’s been on the rise for quite some time. With the growth of the Indian economy, more and more people are choosing to travel in India, both for business and leisure.

This has created a thriving market for travel-related businesses, from tour operators to hotels and resorts. The rise in tourists coming to India has also helped create jobs in the hospitality sector and provided a platform for entrepreneurship.

The travel industry in India is estimated to be worth around $48 billion annually, making it one of the largest sectors of the economy. The growth has been driven by a number of factors, including increased international air connectivity and improved infrastructure. This has made it easier for people to travel around India, opening up new markets for businesses.

The online travel industry is also booming in India, with companies like MakeMyTrip leading the way. Online platforms make it easier for travelers to compare prices and book tickets quickly and easily. This has helped create an efficient market for travelers who are looking for good deals on airfare or accommodation.

The government has also taken steps to encourage tourism in India by allowing foreign companies to own up to 74 percent stake in Indian hotels and resorts. This has opened up new opportunities for foreign investors looking to invest in the hospitality sector. Additionally, tax incentives have been introduced to encourage investment into travel-related businesses as well as infrastructure development projects such as airports and highways.

Overall, there is no doubt that travel business is profitable in India due to its strong growth potential. With increased air connectivity, improved infrastructure, government initiatives, and an expanding online market, there are plenty of opportunities available for entrepreneurs looking to get involved in this sector.


All things considered, it is clear that travel business is profitable in India due to its strong growth potentials and multiple opportunities available in this sector.