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L Raphael Beauty Spa, Martinez Hotel. Cannes Film Festival 2019

L Raphael Beauty Spa, Martinez Hotel Cannes and The Cannes Film Festival are synonymous in my mind.  The Martinez Hotel is without doubt THE hotel to stay at Cannes Film Festival.  L Raphael Beauty Spa is up on the seventh floor.  Here you will find an oasis of beauty and calm, with movie stars preparing for their big Red Carpet events.

L Raphael was created by Ronit Raphael who opened her first flagship Geneva Spa in 2005.  Ronit Raphael is the perfect testimony to the efficacy of her brand.  I am slightly in awe of her!  She is beautiful with perfect skin and radiates an inner glow.  Proof that her 7 foundations plan works.  She has also created this fantastic beauty empire with products that really do work.

The new Diamond Powder Mask for the prestigious jeweller Chopard is a limited edition created for Cannes Film Festival 2019.   This is based on the L Raphael Cure C Mask which is combined with Diamond powder from Chopard diamonds.  The mask was created to prepare the skin for the Red Carpet and gives clear skin, lifted in appearance.

I can assure you the mask has a magical effect, even on me!  Friends thought I had used botox injections and my skin especially around the eyes was lifted and I looked great. The mask diminishes lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size and gives anti oxygen protection.

PHOTO: Haute Couture Fashion Show at L Raphael Spa

The Diamond Powder mask was launched at L Raphael Press Day.  We also met Professor Giacomoni the new expert in research and development at Raphael.  There was also a super Haute Couture Fashion Show by fashion designer Souhir Ben Saad for La Maison Esthere Maryline.

PHOTO: Dress by La Maison Esthere Maryline

Gorgeous Red Carpet dresses designed by Souhir who is from Tunisia.  Dresses created by hand from the most sumptuous fabrics with a distinctly oriental look.

PHOTO: Haute Couture from La Maison Esthere Maryline

If you visit Cannes, make sure to book an appointment at L Raphael Spa!  You will not be disappointed.  I received messages from readers following my instagram post telling me how much they love L Raphael in Beverley Hills!  However, if you are not lucky enough to be in Geneva, Cannes, NY or Beverley Hills you can buy some of the products online here: https://www.l-raphael.com/