Luxury Christmas Holiday Trips


NOTE: This article was written last year pre Covid 19.  So check with the Foreign Office website to find the latest travel advice.

Luxury Christmas Holiday trips.  Yes, I know it is a long time until Christmas and winter holiday time, but I know that some of you are super organised and plan ahead! (not me, totally disorganised!)  So…… Here are some ideas for trips that are a little bit different.  Luxury holiday ideas for Winter snow destinations, city and also luxury sunshine holidays.

  • Winter Wonderland – Moscow Russia
  • Winter Wonderland – Lapland
  • Pre Christmas shopping – London
  • Winter sun – Barbados
  • Winter sun – Dubai
  • Winter sun adventure – Oman


You want something in a winter wonderland?  Snow, sleigh rides, Christmas markets, Ice skating and the most wondrous Christmas lights in the world?  How about somewhere completely different?  Moscow!  Yes, Russia.  Packed full of fascinating cultural activities, great shopping and somewhere friendly not expensive too!

PHOTO:  Moscow in Russia at Christmas time

An interesting fact about Russia is that it follows the Christian Orthodox Calendar because Russians are Orthodox Christians.  This means that in Russia Christmas Day is on 7 January every year, just as in all Orthodox Christian Countries (Greece is another example).  So….. how about celebrating two Christmas days?  This is what we did, celebrate on 25th December at home then fly to Moscow for an extra Christmas and New Year!  Perfect.  I recommend this experience.

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PHOTO: Ranua in Lapland, luxury winter wonderland

Visit Father Christmas.  Lapland is a magical winter wonderland!  Stunning snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, amazing starlit skies and the Northern lights!  Also enjoy Snowmobile adventures, Reindeer Sleigh rides, Ice fishing, Ice swimming, snow shoe hikes and so much more!  Oh, I nearly forgot Husky sledge rides too..

PHOTO: Visit the Reindeer farm in Ranua, Lapland

The advantages of a trip to Lapland are that it is never crowded, cheap flights on Easyjet and Norweigan Air from the UK and it is under 3 hours away from the UK. I have not mentioned the European Ski resorts here, simply because so many people choose a Christmas Ski holiday and they are very crowded.  However, if you don’t mind busy Ski resorts then the French, Swiss and Italian Alps are great for some Christmas skiing!  I prefer places with less people which is why I recommend a winter trip to Lapland.

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PHOTO:  Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

London is the most incredible place to visit pre – Christmas.  There are Christmas markets, Christmas fairs and Christmas parties all through December to the the big day.  Of course, there is also the best shopping in the world, fantastic decorations everywhere and super Christmas menus in restaurants too!  I love the Ice skating rinks that pop up around the city.

However, not that I wrote ‘pre’ Christmas.  The city is like a ghost town on Christmas day.  Everyone leaves town to visit their families, go skiing and jet off to sunny places.  It is the run up to Christmas that is the most fun.  I am sure that visitors staying in London over Christmas must wonder where everyone has gone!

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PHOTO: East coast beaches in barbados

Sunshine luxury winter holiday ideas.  OK ….. so you prefer some sunshine?  How about Barbados?  A pretty Caribbean island only 7 hours from London.  There are some lovely luxury hotels and villas waiting for you.  This would be the perfect destination for a sunshine guaranteed luxury trip!  Actually all of the Caribbean islands are perfect choices for a Winter holiday!

I enjoyed Barbados and suggest it because there are direct flights from the UK.  Some of the other gorgeous islands, such as St Barths are a little bit more of a challenge to access.  However, if you have plenty of time then that is not a problem.

A Day at The Crane Resort Barbados

We stayed in a villa and rented a car to explore the island.  The beautiful beaches are a highlight as are the friendly people, delicious food and party atmosphere in the South of the island.  Peace, quiet and tranquility on the East coast.  Read some ideas here:

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Then there is Dubai.  6 hours and 30 minutes from London, so not too stressful a flight. Christmas sunshine, but not too hot.  Winter is the best time to go to Dubai.  Also, a little tip……. Dubai has a lot of Luxury hotels.  The surrounding Emirates also have a lot of luxury hotels.  Therefore you will always find a good deal! Shop around, start by taking a look at my discounted fare website for some idea.

If you have more time then I suggest you use Dubai as a stop over for long haul flights to Australia and Asia.  Again, shop around because some of the Middle Eastern Airlines will offer FREE stopovers.

Dubai is really a beach holiday destination and you will find all the big luxury hotel groups here.  However, I recommend getting out into the desert and experiencing Desert life during your trip.

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PHOTO:  Luxury Winter Sun Holiday in Oman

How about Oman?  Another favourite of mine and it has the advantage of being perfect winter sun weather only 7 hours from London!  Also, you can combine a beach holiday with some adventure trips too.  A lot of us like a mix of the two, rest and relaxation plus some exciting places to explore.

Again, shop around for flights, there are some good Business Class deals on OmanAir from time to time and they are always cheaper than other airlines.

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I hope these ideas are giving you some inspiration? Enjoy your Luxury Christmas holiday trips!

Wherever we decide to travel, let’s all work together and reduce our Carbon FootPrint.  Many travellers now offset the carbon by donating money to specialist companies.  You can always plant some trees yourself.  We do this on our farm.

Other ways to reduce your Carbon footprint and still explore the world:

  • Have less Children.  Yup, the most polluting thing on the planet is human beings.  There are too many of us!
  • Become a Vegetarian or Vegan.  Again, this will make an incredible difference to the planet.  I am a lifelong Vegetarian but if this is too extreme for you, how about cutting down on the amount of meat we eat.  I also grow all of my fruit and vegetables organically.
  • Buy less ‘stuff’.  The manufacture of clothing is again on of the most polluting things on the planet.  Do we really need so much stuff.  Let’s all buy less, recycle what we have and donate all unwanted items to charity.
  • Buy locally produced food rather than things that have flown half way around the world.
  • Travel more overland if possible.
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