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Explore Morocco Camel Trek


Morocco is country of contrasts from the  Sahara Desert in the South to beautiful beaches to the stunning Atlas Mountains.  This is my third visit in a year and I decided to Explore the Sahara desert on a Camel for 3 days.

This was a camping trek and was not remotely luxurious! If I were to do this again, my choice would be to stay in a luxury Camp and explore of a Camel for a day.  3 days was too much and I was bored after half a day!  So beware!  If you plan to do this, it is basic and the Desert is windy and not the most beautiful.

Here is my Itinerary.

DAY 1:

Arrive at Marrakesh International Airport and a guide picks me up in his very comfortable and modern 4 x 4 vehicle.  I spend the rest of the day exploring Marrakesh and stay in a lovely traditional Riad.

PHOTO: Jamaa El Fna Square

DAY 2:

The guide arrived at the Riad bright and early because we have a long drive ahead of us! A leisurely 8 hour journey through the beautiful Moroccan countryside and Atlas mountains, stopping along the way to take pics and for a delicious lunch!  This is a great way to enjoy the countryside.

PHOTO: Atlas mountains in the distance

There is a lot to see and it is a wonderful journey through villages.  I have driven through the mountains several times and my favourite trip was on a self drive tour.  Much more fun than going with a Guide, you can please yourself where to stop, what to do, change your plans and so on!  Here is my blog on the subject:

Morocco Road Trip – Drive yourself!

PHOTO: A typical village along the way

Villagers going to market, donkeys walking along the road, it is a fascinating scene.

DAY 3:

The Camel caravan the next morning and off we go after loading up with everything we could possibly need!  I was surprised by the amount of stuff we took along to make the journey comfortable. The guide was full of interesting information about desert life and life of a Moroccan Berber.

PHOTO: The Camel Caravan in the Sahara desert, Morocco

We ate  delicious food at every meal.  The food was the best vegetarian food I have eaten in Morocco – and I have visited some expensive hotels and resorts!  Berber Omelette for breakfast, delicious soups, salads and tagines.

DAY 4:

Another full day of trekking with stops for lunch and a rest.  I loved experiencing the desert with the Camels, a true desert experience but 3 days was too long for me! We made camp in the prettiest oasis at night and enjoyed the desert peace and quiet.  Another delicious dinner and so many photo opportunities.  This is a million miles away from a typical tourist tour.  Arrange your own deluxe program, tailor-made to you and your family.

PHOTO: Desert camp on Explore Morocco Camel Trek

Perfect sunsets and the best starlit nights are a magical experience.  The peace and quiet of the desert is something everyone should enjoy at least once!  However, the Tent was very basic and three days without a lavatory or shower was a challenge.

PHOTO: A magical Sahara Sunset in Morocco

It is an awesome experience waking up in the desert!  The camels enjoyed their breakfast too!

PHOTO: Camels enjoy their breakfast

The Camels were a delight, calm, friendly and well trained.  I absolutely loved them! I loved experiencing southern Morocco from the top of  Camel, seeing such interesting things along the way with real Berber guides.  I think the Camels were my favourite thing about the trip.

PHOTO: Spotted a baby Camel along the way

DAY 5:

We then swapped the Camel Caravan for the comfortable 4 x 4 and drove back to Marrakesh! Experience both the Anti Atlas and Atlas mountains.  It was such a joy to arrive back in Marrakesh and have a shower.

PHOTO: Views on the way to Marrakesh

Then I returned to Marrakesh and a great Riad for a couple of days shopping, Hammam, and exploring!  Here is my Marrakesh blog:

Magical Marrakesh Medina

Essaouira is my favourite place to visit in Morocco.  Here is my blog:

Essaouira – My favourite Place in Morocco