My Springtime in France Outfits

what to wear South of France

Such a perfect time of year to visit La Belle France!  Let’s Start with Paris:

Packing Essentials Checklist:

  • Waterproof Jacket, raincoat or Umbrella
  • Comfortable walking shoes/boots/trainers
  • Pollution protection skincare
  • Layer with Silk , Cotton or Cashmere T Shirt/Vest
  • Cashmere dress/sweater/Cardigan
  • Ankle Grazers and Chinos
  • Smart Casual Wear
  • Large shoulder bag
  • Coat or Jacket

These are the essentials, same list for men and women, add everything else according to your personal taste. I take loads of dresses!

Paris packing essentials:

Pack some waterproofs, an Umbrella or a Raincoat!  Did you know that Paris has a higher rainfall than London every month of the year except for November? No?  Not many people do!  However, I lived in Paris for 3 years years and can tell you that the statistics are absolutely correct.

Why do you not know about this? It is a mystery!  Every visitor to London expects it might rain.  The mindset is “If we are lucky it might not rain” and you pack accordingly.  I think that this is because we Brits talk incessantly about the weather and keep moaning about the rain! Whereas the opposite is true in France.  They like to promote the country as a sunny paradise.

PHOTO: Superdry Jacket

Don’t you love this cute jacket from SuperDry? Click on the photo to see more. Also, so practical if the weather warms up during the day. Simply take it off and put it in your shoulder bag. AND as an added bonus it is Black – the preferred colour choice of every Parisian! You will blend right in if that is what you want to do.

PHOTO: Superdry Trousers. Perfect for Springtime with a pair of Converse trainers.

Central Paris is small.  You can walk everywhere and it is a very pleasant city to explore on foot.  Pack some sensible walking shoes or trainers.  Although, it is not necessary to dress as if you plan to climb Mount Everest. (Spot an American tourist at 100 paces rigged out for climbing mountains in central Paris).  After all taking the lift up to the top of the Eiffel Tower is all the mountaineering you can do in Paris.  The “It’s summertime, I’m wearing shorts” look is just as bad and you will stand out to pick pockets as a good target. Go for Parisian casual chic instead! (I know, this is a massive generalisation and there are some beautifully dressed tourists!).

PHOTO: Paris shopping trip with Freddie

Much better to colour co-ordinate and get that chic Parisian look. Anyone who reads my ‘What to Wear’ blogs will know that I am a great believer in light ‘layering’. Check out my photo above, Freddie loves checking out the cute Parisian pooches! I am wearing Isabel Marant head to toe including her trainers, track pants and Cardigan coat. Accesorised with a Hermes Kelly Shoulder bag. I LOVE buying Hermes at the Artcurial Paris auctions. Check out this blog for all the info:

PHOTO: Superdry Jacket

Wear a Silk or Cashmere vest or T, then for the Parisian look wear a pretty cashmere Cardigan. French ladies love a little Cardigan. Make sure that these are both in the same colour combination, essential for that chic ‘put together’ look.  You could go for the full on elegant Hermes scarf tied at the neck maybe?  Are you brave enough to go for a Beret too?  Although Coco Chanel always said “Take off the last thing you put on”, so heed her advice.

PHOTO: Amara dog Travel Mat – I am buying this for my dogs trips this year

If you want to take your pets, Paris is very dog friendly. All of France is dog friendly! My two love a stop off in Paris and they stay in the best hotels! I buy a new travel bed for them every year.

Then, wear leggings or jeans in a similar colour palette.  OR go for a long dress.  I love the long sleeved T shirt Maxi dresses in a mid weight fabric by Free People.  If it is still a bit cold wear some woolly tights underneath.  These dresses look so cool paired with trainers or Biker Boots.  I am looking for the perfect pair of Biker Boots right now, but I just need to find a pair that do not make me look like Olive Oyle!

PHOTO: This is perfect! Click on the photo for details

Of course, the easiest option is a coat.  However, if the weather warms up as the day goes on, you have to carry around a coat.  I find a lightweight jacket to be the best option.  It can go in my shoulder bag if the weather warms up.  If I plan to take some photos for the blog, I always put another lightweight dress in my bag.  OR I wear Capri pants with a Silk T under a wrap dress then whip off the dress for a completely different look!  

This is a top Diva tip for you!  Even if you just want some holiday snaps then try this 2 outfit trick.  So much more interesting than wearing the same outfit in every photo!

PHOTO: Example of my ‘two in one’ outfits – take off the dress and reveal Capri pants!

What to Wear in the Evening:

Obviously this depends on what you are doing, but French people do make an effort to dress elegantly, even their usual look is elegant.  If you are going to a good restaurant, the Opera House or Theatre then pack some heels which will instantly ‘dress up’ whatever you are wearing.  However, if the evening weather is cold and wet, I often wear my Louis Vuitton Smoking jacket with black jeans and super high heels,  you don’t want  to freeze in a dress!  Parisians have an obsession with black clothes, you will fit right in straight away. 

Pack everything, I say.  You need options!  I cannot understand this obsession with ‘pack everything you need in a Carry on’ WHY? Take a suitcase full of clothes, who cares if you do not wear everything?  If you have a big suitcase (or two or three) there is room for all those little things that make you feel at home.  Scented Candles, full make up kit, all your skincare products plus essential first aid essentials.  I also pack proper  Yorkshire T bags, Marmite and things I love! I know we all want to eat local food and explore local restaurants, but a few familiar things keep our body in good balance. Plus … leave room for all the shopping you buy in Paris.

What to Pack in your make up bag?

I always pack a mask! Decant some into a small plastic container for your trip. Paris is quite polluted with traffic fumes, so skin can suffer. I love this mask from Bareminerals. Click on the photo for more details.


I also always pack some light, natural make up products. As regular readers will know, I HATE heavy make up on anyone! If yu are young it hides your youthful glow and if older it is very ageing!

Howver, judicious application of subtle make up looks great! This lipstick below is going to be my treat today! Click for more info. Pretty natural colours look good on everyone.

Diva Tip: I love the Louis Vuitton city guides. Download them on the Louis Vuitton City Guide App.

What to Wear South of France in Springtime:

PHOTO: Spring in Cannes last year. Glorious Sunny weather

While we are on the subject of rainfall, I will mention that even the sunny South of France has the same rainfall as England!  If you venture over the border to Italy the amount of rain is even higher. (Sorry, I told you the English are obsessed with the weather!)

We have a Villa on the Cote d’Azur and visited in the Springtime.  The rain bucketed down in torrents.  Off to a nice restaurant for lunch.  The waiter tells us they have never known such rain!  The next year, same thing, visit the same restaurant and we are told the same story about the weather!  So……. the message here is you might have some rain!  On the other hand, it can be gloriously sunny for days on end, so pack for every eventuality. However, June, July and August it will be dry, humid and very hot.

Year before last, I stayed in Portofino in early May.  Two days of glorious sunshine and one day of the most horrendous rain all day!  Other hotel guests were soooo disappointed and couldn’t believe their “bad luck”.  I didn’t like to tell them that it is normal and not bad luck!  Anyway……. let’s  talk about ‘What to Wear’ and I will stop going on about the weather!

Always a few degrees warmer in the south of France than Paris.  Pack everything we talked about above but add a Swimsuit, sun protection, sunglasses hat or Cap.  If it is sunny, protect your skin.  Pack the swimsuit in case it is warm enough for the Pool OR for a Spa day.

PHOTO: Heidi Klein Shirt dress – I will buy this dress for Springtime, click on the photo to buy

Late Spring and you can enjoy some glorious weather. I will be buying this lovely dress above for this Spring in the South of France. Yes, expensive but ‘price per wear’ will be worth it!

Did you know that Nice is only a 2 hour drive away from the ski resorts.  Also, the residents of Monaco leave at the weekend for Limone, a small Ski resort in Italy and only 2 hours drive from Monaco!  If you visit the Cote d’Azur in early spring you can always spend a couple of days in the Mountains.

I have written at least 10 blogs about the Cote d’Azur and Monaco, including ‘What to Wear’.  Here is the full packing list blog for SUMMER in the South of France (guaranteed sunshine in Summer!)

Happy travels and hopefully you will have full Sunshine everyday!

PHOTO: Perfect T – click on photo

Happy travels and hopefully you will have full Sunshine everyday!

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