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5 Top Favourite Places to Visit 2019!

5 Top favourite places to visit in 2019!  Here are some of my faves, chosen for being relatively inexpensive, unique and interesting.

  • Jordan – Home to one of the 7 wonders of the wolrd., top class hotels at much cheaper rates than elsewhere
  • Russia – full of culture, history, relatively inexpensive, top hotels at good rates and a ‘must see’ list!
  • Abu Dhabi – Growing year by year in the right way!  Beautiful Desert experience, culture and great hotels.
  • Morocco – Endlessly fascinatin with sea, mountains, retaining its own unque identity and great hotels too!
  • Uganda – Unspoilt by tourism, now is the time to explore this super friendly, safe coumtry and see Gorillas in their natural habitat.


Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

PHOTO: Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

A land of contrasts from the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea to the desert of Wadi Rum (one of my favourite deserts in the world) with Petra in between.  Oh, I nearly forgot the beautiful Red Sea too in the South.



I loved it so much I visited twice.  Have a read of some of my Jordan blogs.  I liked visiting in the winter when the crowds have gone home.



Jordan is relatively inexpensive, top hotels are a fraction of the price charged elsewhere in the world.  The people are friendly and it is perfectly safe.

Where to go in Jordan – What to do in Jordan


Another in my 5 top favourite places to visit in 2019 is Uganda. My latest discovery!  What a fab trip exploring the ‘Pearl of Africa’.  A fantastic trek to see the Mountain Gorillas, explore the wildlife parks on a Safari and enjoy game drives.  Again, a lovely, friendly country which proved to be great value for money.  A memorable trip of a life time.



This is the perfect time to visit, before mass tourism arrives and you can enjoy this amazing country that has beautiful lakes, mountains and unspoilt forests.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

PHOTO: Safari in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Read more on my blog:

My Uganda Safari Diary – Where to go in Uganda


Another favourite of mine this year was Moscow.  We stayed for a Russian Christmas, 7 January,  and cannot recommend this highly enough for a Winter destination.

An incredible city to explore, we stayed at St Regis Nikolskaya.  Perfect location to visit Red Square, The Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral just 10 minutes walk.

St Regis Nikolskaya Hotel Review – Visit Moscow



Canals of venice

PHOTO: The Canals of venice, Italy

I know, everyone loves Venice but that it is because it is one of the best places to visit in the world!  Venice has everything from beautiful architecture, magical ambiance, excellent shops, interesting museums and so many art galleries you will never see them all!

 Iconic Venice

PHOTO:  Iconic Venice, I will never tire of visiting this magical city

Avoid high season, is my biggest tip!  Treat yourself to a water taxi, by far the best way to see everything.  Avoid the touristy Gondoliers and take a fabulous Riva Water taxi.  However you can avoid the crowds by staying off the well worn tourist route, they generally do not stray very far!  Read all about Venice in my Venice blog.

Venice – Luxury Trip to Venice






Regular readers will know how much I love Abu Dhabi and visit every year!  Don’t just use it as a stop over, stay and see the country.  I particularly like the Liwa desert and stayed at the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Hotel for the second time.  The desert is a very special place and it is nice to enjoy the luxurious surroundings of the hotel.

Liwa DesertPHOTO:  Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi, UAE

You will enjoy the city of Abu Dhabi too, there is so much to see and do, including the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is awe inspiring.  I loved staying at the world famous Emirates Palace hotel Read my blog for more information.

Review of Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Private BeachPHOTO:  Emirates Palace Private Beach

If you stay at Emirates Palace, I promise you will never want to leave!  However, get out and explore the country in a hire car.  It is perfectly safe to drive and you will feel very comfortable and safe driving anywhere in Abu Dhabi.  Almost impossible to get lost too.


Atlas Mountains of Morocco

PHOTO: Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Explore Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains.  Read my blogs to discover more. Marrakesh was a delight and so much nicer than I expected, perfect for a few days short trip if you are travelling from europe.

Medina in MarakeshPHOTO:  The Medina in Marakesh

Explore the Medina, Majorelle Gardens eat delicious Moroccan meals and so much more. I loved a self drive road trip too, exploring Agadir, Esasouira and the Atlas mountains.

Essaouira and Jimmy Hendrix house

PHOTO: Essaouira and Jimmy Hendrix house

Read more in my Morocco blog:

Morocco Road Trip – Drive yourself!

I hope you enjoy these places as much as me!  My next big trip is too….. Mongolia!