Road Trip through France

UPDATE: This was written before the pandemic.  Check for the latest travel information to France on the Eurotunnel website or here

The travel restrictions are changing frequently, so I will not list them here.  However, click on the french Government website, english version, above for answers to all your questions including:

  • Can you drive through France to Spain/Italy?
  • Who can drive their car through France right now?
  • Are the Ski stations opening?
  • Are hotels open for stops en route?


A Road Trip Through France can be fun! To be perfectly honest, I drive from England to my home in the South of France regularly, my dogs can come along, I can take as much stuff  as will fit in the Range Rover and buy some wine along the way.

However, be prepared because it is a LOOONG JOURNEY!  The best plan is to stop along the way.  Here is my itinerary:


  • Eurotunnel to Calais takes 30 minutes and drive from Calais to Epernay.  This drive will take you approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.
  • Stop overnight in the Champagne area
  • Drive to Beaune approximately a 4 to 5 hour drive.  Stopping in the Designer retail outlet in Troyes on the way.
  • Stop overnight in Beaune
  • Drive to the South of France approximately 6 hour drive.

French motorways are a delight!  Traffic free roads and pretty countryside all the way.

Tip: Pack a picnic for the journey and stop in one of the pretty Aires dotted along the route rather than a Service Station.

We stop in our favourite wine areas of France and enjoy some wine tasting and a degustation menu in the evening and then continue along our route.


  • Champagne – Stop in the famous Champagne region and enjoy a beautiful Chateau and Champagne tasting.  Reims – I prefer to stop in the countryside, then I an leave everything in the car without worry.
  • Troyes – Famous town which manufactures many top french brands.  Enjoy the outlet stores and Black and white buildings in the town.
  • Beaune – We often stop here, it is exactly halfway.  Super choice of hotels both luxury and budget and also set int he heart of Burgundy, so some great Vineyards to visit.
  • Lyon – Not my favourite place to stay, do not leave your possessions in the car if yuo choose to stay here!

Tips for travelling with your dog:

Dogs travelling from outside France will need a Dog Passport:

  • Up to date Rabies Vaccination.  Ask your Vet or look the Government 
  • Up to date Annual Vaccinations – this is not a legal requirement but obviously essential for your dogs health.
  • Make sure your dog has a flea and tick Spot on treatment.  Tick treatment is essential in France.
  • Identity Chip – essential for identification and Passport
  • Most French Hotels allow dogs, some charge 15 euros per dog, per night.


We take our dogs on the Eurotunnel.  This is the quickest and least stressful travel for the dog.  You all stay in the car together.  On a Ferry the dog is left alone in the car.  Beware: Eurontunnel charge £30 per dog

We always stop en route overnight.  It is a 12 hour drive from Calais to Monaco!  If you want to stay in the Champagne region:


First stop on this trip was the delightful Chateau d’Etoges.  Read all about this stay in my blog post

PHOTO: Chateau d’Etoges, Road trip through France 

A beautiful Chateau and such a delightful place to stay.  It also has an excellent wine list and restaurant.  Two vineyards are within walking distance, if you want to do a little bit of wine tasting and just walk 100 metres back to the Chateau!

PHOTO: Champagne Vineyards, Road trip through France

This is heaven for Champagne lovers! Make sure you leave room in the car for a few cases.

PHOTO: Explore the village.  Road trip through France

Wake up refreshed and ready to continue the journey to Beaune via Troyes.  We avoid Paris, although it looks a shorter route on the map.  The traffic is appalling on the Peripherique and this route is much less stressful and pretty much the same time wise.

Follow the signs to Lyon and Troyes.  Troyes is a good place to stop for lunch, especially if you like a Designer Outlet. The shopping outlet is 10 miles from the motorway at Troyes and well signposted.

After Dijon, keep going for about 20 minutes and you will see signs for Nuits St George.  A great place to stop if you are a fan of this classic wine.  There are many small Vineyards and winetsting places in the village.

PHOTO: Beaune. Enjoying drinking the contents of the vineyard! 

Beaune is perfectly situated for an overnight stop.  Not only does it have countless hotels for every budget, it is an interesting town in the heart of Burgundy.  Also, it is right by the motorway. Wonderful wines and so many lovely places to eat.

PHOTO: Degustation lunch at Olivier Leflaive, Puligny Montrachet

Some favourites are Hostellerie Le Cedre in Beaune and Le Montrachet in nearby Puligny Montrachet.  Puligny Montrachet is a favourite wine of mine. A degustation meal at Olivier LeFlaive is another favourite treat.

PHOTO: BEAUNE town centre in the heart of Burgundy region

Your journey then continues South, through Lyon (I ignore the bypass and go straight through the centre of Lyon).  Try and avoid rush-hour times, which can be time consuming.  I don’t really like Lyon and so never stop.

If you want to make a third night stop, I recommend Avignon or the area around Avignon.  Such an interesting city and, of course, home to another good wine Chateauneuf du Pape is close by!

The weather always gets warmer after Lyon!  If you don’t want to stop another night en route, it is only a five hour drive from Lyon to Monaco.

PHOTO: Saint Tropez on the Road Trip through France

Saint Tropez is a good place to stay once you turn left at Marseille and head along the A6.  Although be aware that it will add an extra hour driving down to St. Trop and don’t do this in high season, the traffic is terrible! Read my separate blog for more information

You are now in Cotes de Provence wine and Rose country.  Not the quality of the other wines along the way but great for an aperitif in the sunshine.  We often stock up on wines along the way!

Enjoy your road trip through France! Let me know how you get on!

Tips:  Remember you must pay the toll fees if you drive on the Motorway. We have a TelePass, which you can buy online at

PHOTO: Arrived at my destination! End of the Road Trip through France


It is not cheap! I only drive if I plan a trip of at least 3 weeks or a month.  The costs are as follows:

  • Eurotunnel. Car with dogs costs approximately £90 for the car one way and £30 for each dog.
  • Motorway tolls are approximately £100 for Calais to Nice
  • Fuel costs, we fill up 3 times so that is £300


  • Calais to Cote d’Azur is 1000 kilometres.
  • Your car must have a GB sticker
  • If you plan to drive to a large city such as Paris or Lyon, your car will need an emissions sticker.
  • Legal requirements in France, A yellow Vest, Emergency Triangle, breatherlizer kit,  All these are provided in a french hire car.  Available to buy in Halfords or AA shop in Folkestone.


Sanef:  Buy a pass! It saves hours when passing through the tolls.  Take into account toll costs, approximately 80 euros for the trip.

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