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Safari in Uganda – What to wear

Safari Uganda – What to wear.  My packing list for Uganda:

Game Drives:

I wore Teva Sandals and Safari Dress with insect repellent fabric:

PHOTO: Safari Dress and Teva Sandals

PHOTO: Teva Sandals

My Teva sandals were perfect for Safari, comfortable for walking, easy to keep clean and they look great!


My Insect repellent Safari clothes I bought online from The Safari Store.


Loose, lightweight trousers and T:

PHOTO: Zadig and Voltaire pants and Zara T


Remember, you are near the Equator and that African sun is HOT.  I was very happy with my Bioderma Phototderm Bronz Suncare, kept my very pale skin protected.  Slather on Sunprotection at the start of every day and reapply.  And don’t forget your hat! http://www.bioderma.co.uk

PHOTO: Bioderma Photoderm Bronz

Wildlife treks in forest areas:

Wear Safari clothing infused with anti insect repellent.  I wore long sleeved, lightweight Safari shirts and trousers with good walking boots, sweat resistant socks tucked into the boots. A hat is essential!

Gorilla Trek:

This is particularly arduous so pack gloves, lots of water, high energy snacks, quick drying anti sweat clothes, hat.  The early mornings are very cold so take a sweater and lightweight rain coat.  It will be hot and humid later, so pack your Suncare protection.

PHOTO: Safari shirt and Safari Trousers

Here is my Uganda Gorilla Trek blog:

Uganda Gorilla Trek with EverBased Tours

Pack some light weight Summer dresses.  Distances are long between National Parks and you don’t want to be in sweaty trekking gear all day.  Put some shorts or a dress in your Jeep or rucksack and change for the travelling.

Avoid white colours, bright colours and blue and black.  Blue and black attract the Tetse Fly!

My Top Tip: Packing needs to be ORGANISED when you change Lodges every couple of days and basically live out of a suitcase.  I wrapped each outfit in tissue paper and labelled it.  Perfect solution!

PHOTO: My dress by Zadig and Voltaire

I also took some light, loose dresses for relaxing.

PHOTO: Chillout dress to use as a swim coverup 

Also pack Swimwear, Shorts and plenty of T shirts and a lightweight rucksack.  The weather is hot and sweaty and it is nice to have change of clothes available during the day.  I kept Beroca and energy snacks in my backpack.

PHOTO: Zara Cotton Shirt and Shorts, Teva Sandals

I also kept treats in my rucksack for all the children who stop and say hello.  Lollipops and pens/crayons are always welcome!  Remember to take a Notebook to write notes and a trip diary:

PHOTO: My Personalised Notebook

My Notebook is from http://mypaperbook.com

Read my Uganda Blog:

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I travelled with EverBased Tours http://www.everbased.com