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Beautiful Abbaye de Lerins      

My favourite things to do on Ile St Honorat:

Visit Ile Saint Honorat.  If you are staying anywhere near Cannes on the Cote d’Azur, I recommend a visit to Ile Saint Honorat.  Spend a day on this peaceful and beautiful island and you will have very special day. Luxury travel.

Firstly, you have to get there and ferries run from the port of Cannes every hour on the hour in summer time and the trip is very short,just 15 minutes.  You can of course hire your own boat and moor off shore or in a tiny harbour on the island.  The waters between the two Iles de Lerins are really popular with yachts. There is a veritable traffic jam in the summer months as people all enjoy the crystal clear sea water and beautiful environment.

Crossing times: From 08.00 am every half hour until 18.30 pm.  Get a ticket here:


PHOTO:  The water between the two Iles de Lerins is always popular in summer!

I like to take a stroll round the island taking a peek at the immaculate vineyards, growing a variety of grapes which are then turned into delicious wine by the monks living on the island.  The plants and flowers are wonderful and a lot of work must go into making everything look so perfect.


PHOTO:  Perfectly tended vineyards on Ile St Honorat

There are ferries going to both islands.  Remember that Ile St Honorat is the island with the Monastery, Vineyards and Restaurant.


PHOTO:  Ile St Honorat, Lavender growing on the island

The olives from the trees, grapes from vines and lavender growing in the gardens are turned into wonderful products by the monks.  You can buy these online if you aren’t lucky enough to visit the island.  The quality is superb and I recommend them all!


PHOTO: Ile St Honorat, Cannes, Cote d’Azur France

I adore the feeling of peace and tranquility on the island, as soon as I step ashore all stress seems to  miraculously vanish.  There is a very special atmosphere here.  Saint Honoratus founded a monastery in the year 410 and 16 centuries of monastic life on the island followed.   Interrupted here and there, but always returning to be a monastary.  The Cistercian monks have lived and worked on the island and living a life of prayer in the Abbaye since 1869.


PHOTO:  Dogs are welcome on the island, Freddie and Zarya enjoyed their day out.

After a walk, visit the Abbaye which is absolutely stunning with the most beautiful gardens.  I can’t honestly say I have ever considered becoming a monk but a visit to Ile St Honarat makes me think that it is a very wonderful way of life.


PHOTO:  Monastery on Ile St Honorat, Cannes

The Abbaye organises retreats for people to go and stay on the island, which must be a perfect place for contemplation.  There are days of silence too, so make sure to respect these traditions.


PHOTO:  The Monastary has very beautiful  plants


PHOTO:  Views of the Abbaye, Ile St Honrat, Cannes

A short stroll away from the Abbaye and teetering on the sea edge is a 15th century fortified monastery which you can also visit. Don’t forget to pop into the shop by the Abbaye and buy some products made on the island by the monks, including honey and olive oil.

IMG_3004-2PHOTO: 15c Fortified Monastery Ile Saint Honorat, Cannes

Then Time for lunch at Le Tonnelle Restaurant a short 5 minute stroll away.  The food is delicious, as is the wine.  The island and the restaurant allow dogs, so Freddie and Zarya were able to come along and enjoy the day too.

le tonnelle

PHOTO: Restaurant La Tonnelle on Ile St Honorat

You can buy some wine to take home at a pretty shop right by the restaurant.


PHOTO: Wine shop on Ile St Honorat

Then, after lunch, time for a little nap and swim in one of the pretty coves that you find dotted around the island.  Don’t forget to pack your swimwear.

IMG_3042 (1)

PHOTO:  Beautiful little coves for swimming on Ile Saint Honorat, Cannes

You can wear a swimsuit for a little swim but dress respectfully everywhere on the island and don’t wander around scantily clad.

After a reviving cup of tea back at Le Tonnelle restaurant, head back to Cannes on the ferry.  The end of a perfect day!


PHOTO:  The view on the boat ride home to Cannes at the end of a lovely day!

Practical Info:

Ferry information:   Abbey:  Restaurant La Tonnelle (reservation recommended:

If you want to explore Cannes, here is some information on What to do:


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