Wadi Rum Desert – What to do in Jordan


  • Go hiking – Take a guide who will show you the best places
  • Take a Camel Ride, your guide can organise this for you
  • Jeep tour of Wadi Rum.  Day trippers can get a tour from the Day Centre.
  • Stay in a Desert luxury camp and hike by yourself from the camp
  • Watch the stars at night, spectacular night skies without pollution

Wadi Rum Things to see:

  1. Lawrence Spring –  A water spring named after T.E.Lawrence.  Great views from the top
  2. Khazali Canyon -Look out for ancient Petroglyphs and inscriptions on the Canyon walls
  3. Anfishiyyeh Inscriptions – Collection of Nabatian Petroglyphs
  4. Barrah Canyon – 5km impressive Canyon
  5. Burdah Rock Bridge – Natural rock bridge popular for selfies
  6. Um Fruth rock bridge – another impressive rock bridge
  7. Seven Pillars of Wisdom – Rock formation named after the T.E.Lawrence book

PHOTO: Luxury Desert Camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

This is a LUXURY travel article written for luxury travellers and by a luxury Jet setter.  Here is my 10 day luxury itinerary for you:

10 day Luxury Jordan Trip

Wadi Rum Desert – What to do in Jordan.  Are you planning a visit to Jordan? I really recommend a trip to Wadi Rum Desert.  A red-rock wilderness between Petra to the North and Aqaba on the Red Sea to the south, it is a magical desert set amongst Sandstone rock formations and the most beautiful red sand.  Wadi Rum means Roman Valley or Valley of the Rum. Wadi Rum Desert – What to do and how to get to Wadi Rum.

Solo Travel: I hired a Guide I knew and a Car in Aqaba on recommendation. I would not go wandering into the Desert totally alone.  I would probably take my own guide if I go back again with my husband or friends.  A guide knows all the best places to visit, hike and explore.

PHOTO: Wadi Rum Desert Jordan – Go hiking and explore

Wadi Rum Desert for Luxury Travellers:

Can you visit Wadi Rum in Luxury?  Obviously luxury kind of goes by the wayside in a desert!  If you cannot imagine a night in a tent then stay in Aqaba at one of the five star hotels and hire a Limousine and driver.  The drive to Wadi Rum is only an hour and a half so perfectly possible for a day visit. Your luxury hotel will arrange for a car and driver.

Luxury Hotels in Aqaba

  • Movenpick Resort and Spa Taba Bay Aqaba – Gorgeous Spa too
  • Hyatt Regency Aqaba
  • Al Manara, Luxury Collection Hotel, Saraya
  • Kempinski Hotel Aqaba

How to get to Aqaba:

I flew with Jordanian Airways from the Capital City Amman.  Obviously, if you are exploring Jordan then you can drive from Amman via Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum on a road trip.  Here is my Amman blog:

5 Best things to do in Amman Jordan

You can drive from Aqaba as well,  and spent the night in a Luxury Desert Camp.  It is an hour and a half drive from Aqaba so you can take a day trip if you don’t like camping!  To be honest, I nearly didn’t bother going!  I thought, its just a desert, do I really want to go? Yes, Yes, Yes is the answer to that question.  As soon as I arrived at the camp I was completely enchanted by the magnificent landscape and complete peace and quiet.

PHOTO: Wadi Rum Desert entrance and visitor centre.

My car dropped me off at the visitor centre, I took a guide with me for the trip and recommend this if you are alone.  Get a guide  who is recommended by your hotel. This was completely empty in mid January.  I chose the perfect time of year to visit!  The nights were chilly but the daytime gloriously sunny and warm but not hot.  Wadi Rum Luxury camp sent a 4 x 4 to collect me and take me to the camp.

PHOTO: Wadi Rum Desert Luxury Camp

After 10 minutes bumping along we arrived at the Camp.  My tent was very comfortable with heating and an ensuite bathroom.  My first time ever camping, or rather glamping!  A complete pleasure to sleep in the desert, looking out at the stars and enjoying the unique atmosphere of Wadi Rum.

PHOTO: My tent home for the night, Wadi Rum Jordan

The tent provided everything you could possibly need! Toothbrush, toiletries, strong shower, even a traditional Bedouin coat to keep me warm in the chilly evening air. Dinner was traditional Bedouin fare and plentiful.  There was not much to choose as a vegetarian though!

PHOTO: Inside my tent,wearing my Jordanian clothes

I wanted to hike, explore and take some shots.  What an adventure!  There were only 5 other people staying at the camp as it was low season, this suited me perfectly and it was like my own private camp!  Explore this red rock wilderness, it is magical.

PHOTO: Crisp clean air and vast expanses to explore at Wadi Rum Deert

The village of Rum is one mile above sea level.  Popular climbs are Jabal Umm ad Dami at 6,000 feet and Jabal Qatar 5,000 feet.  20,000 petroglyphs and 20,000 inscriptions have been documented tracing back 12,000 years are in Wadi Rum and there is evidence of Nabateans here from 300 bc. en route to Petra. The national park consist of 720 square kilometres of vast unpopulated very beautiful landscape.  Wadi Rum is a World Heritage Site.

PHOTO: Explore Wadi Rum desert by hiking and climbing

I love to hike but you can rent a guide and 4 x 4 to show you around the desert or take a Camel trek.  Next visit, yes …. I want to go back again … I would like to trek across Wadi Rum for a couple of days on a Camel.  You could take a short camel trek for an hour or so too!

PHOTO: Explore on a Private Camel Trek, Wadi Rum

The Camels are beautifully cared for by the Bedouin.  Here are some highlights to see in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Things to see:

  • Lawrence Spring –  A water spring named after T.E.Lawrence.  Great views from the top
  • Khazali Canyon -Look out for ancient Petroglyphs and inscriptions on the Canyon walls
  • Anfishiyyeh Inscriptions – Collection of Nabatian Petroglyphs
  • Barrah Canyon – 5km impressive Canyon
  • Burdah Rock Bridge – Natural rock bridge popular for selfies
  • Um Fruth rock bridge – another impressive rock bridge
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom – Rock formation named after the T.E.Lawrence book

When to go to Wadi Rum:

For me, late winter or Spring are the perfect times of year.  Early Spring has warm days and cool nights.  The summer time is seriously hot, so I guess it depends on what kind of weather suits you.  It is a year round destination and will be busier in Spring and Autumn.

After a day exploring, enjoy a Bedouin meal in a traditional tent with Jordanian music softly playing in the background.  There is no WIFI, no mobile phone signal which is actually very liberating, especially for a blogger!  Sleep like a baby in a tent under the stars and wake up for breakfast and to explore some more!

PHOTO: Chilling outside my tent in Wadi Rum


What to pack:: Pack layers, because the weather is changeable.  Warm in daytime and colder at night.  Walking boots are an essential, really happy I packed my walking boots.  The luxury camp lend guests these gorgeous Bedouin coats, pictured below.  You can buy one to take home! Read my packing list here:

What to Wear in Jordan

However in the day time it is warm and sunny.  I recommend wearing layers so you can add or take off something as the weather disctates.

PHOTO: Wearing lots of clothes in Wadi Rum on a January evening

Don’t forget a water bottle, compass and snacks for hiking.  Your GPS won’t work! I love my traditional Jordanian outfit with beautiful embroidery. I have some beautifully embroidered shoes, made in Jordan too. Then you need a RECOMMENDED guide to show you all the best places in the desert.

PHOTO: Jordanian embroidered sandals

Getting there:

Aqaba is  over an hour drive away to the south.  Petra is an hour drive to the north.  It is possible to take a day trip from either of these places and explore Wadi Rum.  However, I totally recommend at least one night camping in the desert.  It is an unmissable experience.

Wadi Rum is perfectly placed to be part of a driving tour around Jordan.  I felt perfectly safe at all times in Jordan and I travelled alone with a car and Driver and a recommended Guide at Wadi Rum and Petra.  The roads are safe, the cars are driven sensibly, it is very easy to self drive or to book a car and driver.  Jordanian people are very friendly and hospitable.  The bedouin people could not be nicer.  They want people to visit and enjoy their country.  Do not hesitate to book a trip!

If you self drive or take a car and driver, these must stay at the visitor Centre.  The local Bedouin guides and camps take over from there, I also took my own Guide.  Prepare for your trip well in advance, do your research and get a Car and driver recommended by your hotel.  Take a recommended Guide.

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