Weekend Break – What to Pack

What to pack for a weekend break? Always a dilemma but if you are in the UK or anywhere in Northern Europe in late Autumn you will need to think about layering!

Also, comfort for travelling and exploring the place you visit. The most practical items I always pack are Leggings, Boots and long tops or dresses, which can be super flattering, just like this one below:

PHOTO: FemmeLuxe Finery Shirt Dress

“I have nothing to wear!”  Do you say this?  I certainly do!  However, although I have wardrobes full of designer clothes, I love a bargain.  A mix of Designer and High Street works so well.  FemmeLuxe Finery has some very nice outfits for Autumn/Winter.

The most important thing is that you do not need to spend a fortune to look super chic and gorgeous.  I love these outfits from Femme Luxe.  They inject some fresh, up to the minute vavavoom into my wardrobe.

FemmeLuxe Finery clothes are well made in England, which is a particular delight for me, I love supporting British brands.  As you can see from my photos, they are well cut, in good fabrics and really flatter my figure.  The all in ones elongate the leg and enhance my curves at the same time.  The prices are AMAZING, especially the pieces that are on sale, so bag a bargain!

I never leave home without packing a coat at this time of year! Dress it up or down, throw it on over a tracksuit and immediately look elegant and warm.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Teddy Coat

My photo’s are located in Woburn, such a cool place for a weekend break! Of course, my dogs come along too! Super Antique shops, little boutiques, Pubs and restaurants. Explore Woburn Abbey (closed for renovations and Woburn Safari Park if you have kids. Just drive through the Deer Park to see some of the amazing Deer who live here.

This shirt dress is now a favourite and will be coming with me on my travels around the world! If you want to find out more about a visit to Woburn: https://www.woburn.co.uk

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