What Are the 10 Best Places to Retire?

By Anna Duncan

Retirement is a time of life when you can take the opportunity to explore the world and your passions. The best places to retire have a combination of affordability, climate, cultural attractions, and things to do that suit your particular needs and desires. Here are the 10 best places to retire in 2020:

1. Sarasota, Florida: Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sarasota offers an abundance of outdoor activities year-round, from golfing to fishing to kayaking.

The city also boasts cultural attractions like the Ringling Museum of Art and the Sarasota Opera House. Affordable housing options make it a great choice for retirees.

2. Portland, Oregon: Portland has something for everyone – mild weather, vibrant culture, lots of nature nearby and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, biking and skiing. There are numerous retirement communities as well as affordable housing options in this eco-friendly city.

3. San Antonio, Texas: San Antonio provides retirees with plenty of warm weather activities such as golfing and water sports on nearby lakes or the River Walk. The city also offers an array of cultural attractions ranging from museums to galleries to live music venues.

4. Asheville, North Carolina: Asheville is known for its picturesque mountain views and abundance of outdoor activities like rock climbing, zip-lining and tubing in local rivers or streams. With plenty of affordable housing options in the area, it’s a great choice for retirees who want access to both nature and culture.

5. Tucson, Arizona: This desert town is renowned for its stunning views and mild climate year-round – perfect for retirees who want access to outdoor recreation without harsh winters or humid summers. Tucson also offers plenty of cultural attractions including art galleries and museums.

6. Charleston, South Carolina: Charleston is known for its rich history and stunning architecture – perfect for retirees who appreciate history or artistry.

The city also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration like fishing charters or nature walks in nearby parks.

7. Austin, Texas: Austin has something for everyone – warm weather year-round; vibrant music scene; numerous outdoor activities; plus affordable housing options close to downtown shopping areas or nearby lakeside parks.

8. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Santa Fe is known for its beautiful views as well as its diverse art community with galleries all around town showcasing Native American artwork as well as contemporary pieces from local artists.

9. Bend, Oregon: Bend is an outdoorsman’s paradise with miles upon miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking plus lakeside parks ideal for fishing or kayaking all within close proximity to town’s downtown area which has a unique mix of shops & restaurants.

10. Honolulu Hawaii: Honolulu is a tropical paradise with balmy weather year round that lends itself perfectly to beach days spent lounging in the sun plus plenty of other nearby activities including surfing & scuba diving making it an ideal spot for retirees looking to enjoy their golden years in paradise.

Conclusion: Retiring can be an exciting time filled with possibilities — especially if you choose one of these 10 best places! Whether you’re looking for warm weather year-round; vibrant culture; abundant wildlife; or simply someplace that fits your budget — there’s sure to be something on this list that speaks directly to your needs & desires!