What Are the Benefits of the APEC Business Travel Card?

By Michael Ferguson

The APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) is a travel document issued to business people who travel frequently within the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies. It is intended to facilitate short-term business travel by eliminating the need for multiple visas and other forms of entry clearance. The cardholder is able to move freely between participating countries, reducing delays and paperwork associated with traditional border crossings.

The main benefit of the ABTC is the ability to move quickly through immigration points in participating APEC countries. Cardholders are subject to expedited immigration control procedures, which can greatly reduce wait times at airports and other border points.

This saves both time and money for business travelers as they can quickly go on their way without having to complete lengthy visa applications or provide extensive documentation. The card also acts as an identification document, allowing for easier access to services such as hotels, rental cars and other business related services.

The ABTC also offers a number of additional advantages that may be particularly beneficial for business travelers. For instance, it allows travelers to skip long queues at airports and ports of entry, reducing the time spent waiting in line before boarding a plane or ship. Additionally, cardholders may be entitled to receive tax deductions when traveling abroad for business purposes.

Furthermore, the ABTC can be beneficial for companies that conduct frequent international transactions or have employees that regularly travel abroad. By utilizing the card’s streamlined immigration process, businesses can save both time and money when sending their staff overseas. This can help reduce costs associated with hiring temporary staff or providing special visas for personnel who require multiple trips abroad.


Overall, the APEC Business Travel Card has many benefits for both individual business travelers and companies alike. It simplifies immigration processes with expedited clearance procedures while providing additional advantages such as tax deduction opportunities and the ability to skip long queues at airports or ports of entry. These benefits make it an attractive option for those who regularly travel within APEC member economies.