What Are the Best Places in Utah to Visit if You Love Fossils?

By Alice Nichols

When it comes to fossils, Utah is one of the best places in the United States to find them. It has a range of areas that are perfect for fossil hunting, and its diverse array of geological environments make it an ideal location for uncovering ancient remains. Whether you’re looking for dinosaur bones or sea creatures from long ago, Utah has something for everyone.

Here are some of the best places in Utah to visit if you love fossils:

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

This monument is home to some of the most impressive fossil finds in the world. Paleontologists have discovered millions of years old dinosaur and marine reptile fossils here, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in paleontology. The canyons, plateaus, and badlands offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum

Located in Vernal, this state park museum is a great place to learn more about Utah’s rich paleontological history. The museum houses a wide variety of fossils from the region, including dinosaur skeletons, ammonites, and petrified wood. There are also interactive exhibits that can help you better understand how fossils form and why they are important.

Fossil Butte National Monument

This national monument offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore some of Utah’s oldest remains. Fossil Butte contains fossils dating back nearly 50 million years, including fish, plants, insects, birds, reptiles, and more.

The area is easily accessible with plenty of trails and open spaces ideal for fossil hunting.

Red Fleet State Park

Red Fleet State Park is located near Vernal and contains one of North America’s most impressive Pleistocene sites. The park contains several fossilized fish species as well as many other ancient remains. Its location on top of a mesa provides visitors with stunning views while they search for fossils.

In conclusion, if you love fossils then Utah has some incredible places for you to visit! Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery with millions-year-old dinosaur bones scattered around its canyons.

For those looking to learn more about the state’s paleontological history there’s the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum with interactive exhibits about how fossils form. Fossil Butte National Monument has been around since prehistoric times with 50 million year old fish species still present today while Red Fleet State Park is on top of a mesa offering beautiful views while searching through its Pleistocene site. Whatever your interest may be when it comes to fossils there’s something here in Utah that will be sure to satisfy any fossil enthusiast!