What Are the Best Places to Buy in Toca Life World?

By Robert Palmer

Toca Life World is a virtual world created by Toca Boca, a Swedish entertainment company that specializes in creating digital play experiences for children. The app allows players to explore different locations and create their own stories with characters and items. Players can shop in the Toca Life World store, where they can purchase items to customize their characters and rooms. But with so many options, it can be difficult to decide which items are the Best Buys. Here are some of the best places to buy in Toca Life World:

Toca Life Mall

The Toca Life Mall is full of shops selling furniture, clothing, accessories, and more. From stylish couches and chairs to new outfits for your characters, you’ll find everything you need to make your Toca Life World look great. Plus, there’s always something new coming out in the Mall — so every visit will have something fresh to explore.

Toca Pet Store

The Toca Pet Store is perfect for anyone who loves animals. You can buy fish, cats, dogs, rabbits, and more — all with their own unique personalities.

And don’t forget about the accessories! You can pick up cute food bowls and toys to make sure your pet has everything they need.

Toca Toy Store

The Toy Store has all sorts of fun items that you can use to bring your stories to life. Whether you’re looking for stuffed animals or action figures, you’ll find something here that will spark your imagination.

Toca Home Store

The Home Store is full of furniture and decorations that will help make your house look great. From carpets and curtains to beds and desks — there’s something here for everyone.

With so many great places to shop in Toca Life World, it can be difficult to decide where to buy what you need. But by exploring each store carefully, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for — whether it’s furniture for your home or toys for your pet.


With a wide range of stores available in the virtual world of Toca Life World, shoppers have plenty of options when it comes to buying items for their characters or rooms. The best places to buy in this world include the Toca Life Mall (furniture & clothing), Pet Store (animals & accessories), Toy Store (action figures & stuffed animals), and Home Store (carpets & curtains). With careful exploration of each store shoppers should be able to find whatever they are looking for!