What Are the Best Places to Hunt in Texas?

By Anna Duncan

Texas is a great state for hunting, offering some of the best opportunities in the United States. With its diverse terrain and wildlife, it offers a variety of species to hunt and locations to hunt.

Some of the best places to hunt in Texas include East Texas, West Texas, the Texas Panhandle, and South Texas.

East Texas has some of the most diverse hunting opportunities in the state. The area is abundant with whitetail deer, wild hogs, small game such as squirrels and rabbits, and wild turkey.

The terrain is varied with both piney woods forests and open fields scattered throughout. Additionally, several public hunting areas are available for those looking for an affordable option.

West Texas is known for its big game hunting opportunities. The area is home to mule deer, pronghorn antelope, aoudad sheep, elk, bison and javelina.

The terrain consists mainly of desert scrubland but also includes mountainous regions and grasslands which provide ample cover for animals. Many private ranches offer guided hunts as well as access to various species.

The Texas Panhandle offers a variety of hunting opportunities including white-tailed deer, waterfowl such as ducks and geese, dove, quail and other small game species. The terrain consists mainly of rolling plains with some areas featuring rivers or creeks that can provide excellent habitat for waterfowl. In addition to public land access there are many private ranches that offer guided hunts.

South Texas, also known as the “brush country” offers some unique hunting opportunities due to its mixture of thick brush and open grasslands. White-tailed deer are abundant here along with feral hogs and javelina although there are also quail, dove and even turkey available in certain areas. Public lands offer access but many private ranches offer guided hunts as well.


No matter what type of hunting you’re after or what part of the state you’re in – there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding great places to hunt in Texas! Whether it’s big game like mule deer or bison in West Texas or more small game like quail or rabbits in East or South Texas – there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding great places to hunt in Texas!